Get Back Files from Toshiba Wireless External HDD

Wireless external hard drive serves as ideal solution for storing data from computers and laptops more efficiently as compared to traditional external hard drives. One of the popular manufacturers of wireless external hard drive is Toshiba. It has introduced wireless drives with excellent data speed and different storage capacities according to user needs. Also, Toshiba’s pocket sized wireless external drive, Canvio AeroMobile SSD has gained good user review for its amazing features like durability, portability, easy and fast access to data through SSD technology, compact size, Wi-Fi functionality, etc. It also provides an easy way of pilling up files not only from desktops and laptops; but also from DSLR cameras, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.

However, data from Toshiba wireless external HDD can become out of users reach due to factors like hard drive crash, corruption, virus intrusion and other logical errors. Few commonly occurring scenarios for losing data from Toshiba wireless external drive like Canvio AeroMobile SSD are:

  • While moving files from Toshiba wireless external hard drive, which is supported by recharged battery power, insufficient battery may dismiss the transfer process thus causing missing of those files from the wireless hard drive
  • Toshiba wireless external drive can also get corrupt when there are logical conflicts in its working that may cause drive corruption and inaccessibility of files saved on it
  • Unexpected deletion of any necessary files from Wireless external drive instead of unwanted files, file system corruption, wrong method of setting up the drive for usage, mishandling wireless drive on gadgets and causes will surely lead to loss of certain data from Toshiba wireless external hard drive

Nevertheless, not many of the users have experienced unforeseen data loss from Toshiba wireless external hard drive unless it is user’s mistake. Irrespective of the reasons behind loss of data from Toshiba wireless hard drive, one can accurately extract lost data by employing good data recovery program.

Recovery of data from Toshiba Wireless external hard drive on Windows:

As per the expert and professional data recovery individuals, Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is voted as the best program to perform Toshiba wireless external hard drive data recovery on a Windows computer. This software is well versed to bring back data from external and internal hard drives with SATA, ATA, PATA, SCSI, IDE and other interfaces. This program can easily retrieve files like Office documents, compressed files, pictures, video files, songs, and many other files from wireless or portable hard drive with simple method. Additionally, this tool also restores lost and deleted data from USB drives, FireWire drives, memory cards and other storage devices on Windows desktops and PCs. One can employ this tool on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS versions.

Follow these steps to perform wireless hard drive data recovery:

  • Build the connection between Toshiba wireless drive and Windows computer through Wi-Fi or USB cable as per your requirement and let the system to recognize the external drive
  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on this system
  • Install the software and wait for main screen to get displayed
  • Click on either “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted /Reformatted Recovery” option based on data loss situation
  • Now, from the list of drives (both logical and physical) present on system select the drive representing Wireless external hdd
  • Select the partition on Toshiba Wireless HDD from which files have to be recovered
  • Further, mention the file types that you wish to recover from the list displayed
  • Software performs a scan of selected partition on Toshiba external drive and results with a list of restorable files
  • Choose required files from the list in Data view or File Type views
  • Specify destination location on host system drive and save the rescued files by clicking on save

Important Note:

  • Before making use of Toshiba Wireless external drive to save / backup necessary files, have basic knowledge about how to use it
  • Avoid mishandling the Toshiba Wireless drive to rip off unforeseen data loss

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