How to Solve Invalid Partition Table Error?

Encountering partition related errors is the most threatening thing since your entire system as well personal files are stored in partitions. Let’s see this real time scenario where user is stuck due to one such partition error.

“After unexpected shutdown due to low battery, I am unable to boot my laptop. I charged it and tried to start but I received a window with the error message “Invalid partition Table”. I can't move Out of the error screen. I haven’t backed up any of my files and I don’t even have “System Image” to restore the system. I really need help.”

When you see a message on your computer screen that states partition table is invalid then that would be the most dreadful event as the system drive will not function properly, hence you will not be able to launch/start the computer and your entire data will be in inaccessible state.

What causes invalid partition table?:

Partition table is nothing but the most essential table created on your hard disk by OS to save complete information of partitions present on that drive. When you powered your system, it scans the partition table meticulously and concludes which volume to make use, in-order to boot OS. If it finds any invalid information then it throws invalid partition table error.

Typically reasons that give rise to this error are:

  • Missing/erroneous active partitions
  • Lost/damaged partition table
  • Failed disk conversion
  • Partition table failure due to wrong operation
  • Virus intrusion on partition
  • Interruptions while converting file system/dividing partition
  • Improper way of extending, merging and repartitioning
  • More than one partitions are marked as active

Apart from above listed, there are many other factors that can lead to invalid partition table error.

What happens to data when invalid partition table error pops up?

You can no more access the system as well as its data when your partition table is invalid. But entire system and personal files saved in hard disk will remain as it is. So you can safeguard your data first and give a try to fix the error.

How to recover files from invalid partition?

  • Use Download Now button present in this page
  • Install downloaded Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on working computer
  • Connect the system which is showing invalid partition error
  • Run installed program
  • Click on Partition Recovery option on main screen
  • From list pick the disk having invalid partition (connected disk)
  • Select all found partitions
  • Hit Skip button
  • Mark your required files in File Type View/Data View
  • Save them on host computer

Now proceed to fix the error invalid partition table.

How to fix invalid partition table on Windows?

Method 1:

  • Remove all external drives
  • Insert Windows installation CD
  • Restart computer and boot from CD
  • Click on Repair your computer
  • From System Recovery Options, select Command Prompt
  • Type and press Enter after each command: bootrec /fixboot , bootrec /scanos , bootrec /fixmbr, bootrec /rebuildbcd
  • Restart the system

Method 2: Boot using Windows installation disc and mark proper volume as active

Method 3: Format your hard disk and reinstall Windows operating system

Why Yodot in retrieving invalid partition data?

You can doubtlessly trust Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to take out data from computers when partition table is corrupted and throwing invalid partition table error. The program can effortlessly restore data from damaged, missing or corrupt partition on all editions of Windows computer. The utility can perform data restoration regardless of file types saved on the disk and presents you with complete data from infected system. Not only corrupted or erroneous system but the application works in accordance with any storage space like external disk, USB, media card and many. The software has simple as well easy to understand interface and provides technical assistance (in 24x7 manner) to serve you for all queries related recovery.


  • Never try to install/uninstall more than one OS on the disk at a time
  • Use efficient and trusted tool to convert disk from GPT to MBR or vice versa

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