How to Recover Your Lost/Deleted Data From WD My Book Live?

Shocked!! that your WD My Book Live Hard Drive Data got deleted? Thinking about how to recover the data and get back to your normal work?Don’t worry, you are the right place. This article will help you recover data from WD My Book Live with the help of powerful data recovery software.

Written by Lucy John | Updated on March 11, 2024

Western Digital's My Book Live was Introduced as a personal cloud storage device. It is a Wireless harddisk that could be used to stream its contents in real time which was insanely powerful for a device in 2010.

After its launch in 2010, Western Digital stopped support for My Book Live in 2015 and officially announced an end-of-life warning for the product in 2019.

Today, in 2024 some users still have data stored in it to this day and may ot be able to access it due to several reasons

Causes for Data Loss in WD My Book Live

Wear and Tear:

The components or hard drives of the WD My Book Live are also susceptible to wear and tear. Over the years, its ability to store data slowly diminishes making it harder for the system to access.

Hardware Failure:

Due to its ventilation, a lot of dust gets circulated along with the air. This could lead to several hardware complications such as physical damage, overheating, and more that could reduce the lifespan over a period of time.

Device Overheating:

the WD My Book Live runs for 24 hours a day, if too much dust gets caught in its vents or it is overworked, the temperatures may run a little too hot causing it to slow down, and increase the rate of wear and tear.

It is advisable to use pressured air to blow off any dust that might accumulate within the device. Extreme levels of accumulated dust not only provide insulation but are also a fire hazard.


WD My Book Live external hard drive can get corrupted if it is being used in several systems without proper antivirus protection. As a result of this data present in the damaged hard drive becomes inaccessible.

Accidental Formatting:

Western Digital Data loss is incurred when WD My Book Live external hard drive is formatted accidentally. Entire set of files and folders present in the storage media will be wiped out instantly.

Abrupt Removal:

Abrupt disconnection of the WD My Book Live external hard drive during a read/write process can lead to loss of the data being transferred and has a risk of corrupting the files as well. Hence proper care should be taken when the external hard drive is being ejected.

2 Simple Methods to Recover Your Deleted Data from WD My Book Live

Method 1: Disassembling My Book Live Hard Drive and Connecting it to a Healthy System

For recovering the deleted data you have to disassemble the WD My Book Live and connect it to a healthy system because the device works as a NAS(network-attached storage) and the data can’t be recovered directly. It should be connected to a healthy host system to recover the data.

Follow the below steps on how to disassemble the WD My Book Live:

As these issues occur at any point of time, it is essential for every WD My Book Live external hard drive users to backup their important files. If you don’t have backup and are worried about losing your important data. Don’t worry, you can be rescued with the use of an ultimate recovery program called Yodot Recovery Software.

Method 2: Recover Your Deleted Data from WD My Book Live Using Yodot Recovery Software

Yodot Recovery Software is built by highly skilled professionals in data recovery industry. This tool has a recovery rate of 98% its almost recovers all of your lost data from WD My Book Live and it is suggested by many tech experts. Download and Install the Yodot Recovery Software to recover your lost data from WD My Book Live.

Get to Know the Simple Steps on Recovering Data From WD My Book Live:

Helpful Tips:

Tips to Avoid Western Digital Data Loss:

Transfer data to another storage device:

purchase a 1TB hard disk or SSD and transfer all data from the WD My Book Live onto it. If you are facing any issues with long load times, abrupt discontinuation of file transfers, etc. please use a data recovery software to do the same.

Upgrade Device

If you still use WD My Book, Western Digital has introduced a new line of LAN Devices known as My Cloud. The My Cloud Duo would be a perfect replacement for your device. They have the same purpose but starting at 4TB, the My Cloud Duo has much better specs and capabilities that can keep up with current hardware.


Data is an important part of life, losing the data will give you distress. Do not worry Yodot Recovery Software will help you to recover your lost data. Make use of this article on how to use the software and recover your data.

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