How To Resolve Rundll32 Exe Not Found Error And Retrieve Files?

Written by Lucy John on April 17, 2023

“Hi, by mistake I deleted all rundll32.exe files from system32 folder on my Windows computer. Later I started facing an error that states “rundll32 file not found”. Upon searching forums I got two solutions to fix the issue. 1) Use Windows installation disk to restore those exe files 2) Reinstall Windows. Since I was not having Windows CD to extract .exe files, I tried second option. And now I can’t find my files on the system. I was so much concerned about the error and in anxiety I forgot to backup my data. Now really am at loss. Please help me.”

Well, mistakes happen beyond our control. It’s better to pick ideal solution to solve the issue instead of regretting for the mistake. So now follow these step-by-step guidelines to recover your data.

Also it is advised to know about the error “Windows system rundll32 exe not found” as well fixation to prevent data loss in future.

Windows Rundll32.Exe files are Dynamic Link Library files that stores common fragments of application grounds, which can be accessed from multiple applications. And it is used to initiate functionality cached in those common .DLL files. Since these executable files are legitimate part of Windows, you shouldn’t damage or modify them. In case those EXE files got deleted or damaged then you may face error “rundll32 not found”. At those times, it is recommended to:

1) Use Windows installation disk to restore rundll32.exe files: Put Windows CD in CD ROM drive > go to Start > click Run > in Open box, type expand 'X:\i386\rundll32.ex_ c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe’ (X is CD ROM Drive letter) > Restart your system

2) Reinstall Windows without losing data present on your computer: Go to Start > All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Files and Settings Transfer Wizard > Once wizard open continue by clicking Next > Old Computer > Next > Other > in the box, choose the drive where you wish to save > Next > exit the window> insert Windows installation CD > reboot the system > install Windows OS > go to Start > All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Files and Settings Transfer Wizard > select don’t need a wizard disk > Next > Other > Specify the drive on which you have saved data > hit Next

3) Backup entire data and reinstall Windows: Copy entire data from the system to external drive > insert Windows CD > carry-out clean install > restore backup copy

More about life-saver hard drive recovery tool:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the simplest way to recover data when you come across rundll32 file not found error. Not only rundll32 error, even when you are trying to fix whea uncorrectable error, cannot read drive error, no OS error or any hard drive issues on your Windows computer you may come-up with data loss or deletion cases. In those critical times Yodot assuredly assists you in safeguarding your data. The utility operates in read-only mechanism so that no damage will be done to your data as well your system. Moreover the program works perfectly on all Windows OS versions. The powerful built-in engine of the software can easily retrieve data from inaccessible, unreadable, unbootable and corrupted hard disks. When you face input output device error on external hard drive then also you can seek help of the tool; as it is beneficiary in restoring files from external disk, SSD, USB, pen drive, memory card and many sorts of storage spaces along with internal drive.

Beneficial points:

  • Never ever intact operating system (OS) related files and folders
  • Double-check before you delete any data on the system

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