Resolve MP4 End Of File Error

Written by Lucy John on April 19, 2023

“I have great interest in recording and editing videos on my Mac system. Now I have many video files of MP4 file format. The problem is, yesterday when I was about to complete my editing process of one of my MP4 video files, I encountered with sudden computer shutdown due to power loss. In presence of power when I tried to open that MP4 file it is displaying “End of file” error. I just don’t know what to do!! Any suggestions would be of great help!!”

MP4 video file format is one that provides high picture quality and easy to edit. However, similar to other video files, user might come across errors while playing MP4 files on Mac system as mentioned in above scenario. This MP4 end of file error usually occurs due to mishandling or corruption of MP4 file due to various reasons.

Some of the common reasons for MP4 end of file error on Mac are:

Along with these factors, there are various other reasons that lead to erroneous MP4 file. However, irrespective of the scenario or cause, you can fix MP4 end of file error with the help of any appropriate MP4 video repair software available online.

Software to fix MP4 end of file error:

Yodot Video Repair is one among the most used and reliable software which mends MP4 end of file error on Mac system. This application can also fix corrupt MP4 video file with 100% accuracy. Including MP4 files, the tool even repairs erroneous / damaged / unplayable MOV as well as M4V video files successfully. This utility fixes MP4 video file that were recorded on digital camera or camcorders such as Sony, GoPro, Samsung, Nikon, Casio, Olympus, Canon, Kodak, etc. Adding to this the software allows repairing MP4 files on Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion) as well as Windows system (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003).

Direction to repair MP4 file after end of file error:

Necessary Instructions:

  • Backup your favorite MP4 files on more than one storage devices
  • Always protect MP4 video files and other necessary files on Mac from harmful virus by using antivirus software
  • When you get any error in MP4 file proceed with proper method to fix the issue

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