How to Find Folders Disappeared in Outlook?

A few people may not have a problem with Outlook folders missing, while others might encounter a more serious issue. Whatever the case may be, this is a common problem with simple solutions. This article will help you in finding the folders disappeared in Outlook with ease. Download and try Yodot Outlook Repair tool for quick and hassle free fix

Written by Lucy John on February 20, 2023

MS Outlook is a proficient email client that indeed provides diverse handy functionalities with ease. In the beginning, Microsoft Office Outlook works well, but as years roll on it may get sluggish. Over time, Outlook data files i.e. PST file memory space will get filled up with plenty of emails, attachments, contacts, reminders, sent items, drafts, and to-do lists, notes, journals, and other elements.

In such situations, most of the users go for archiving Outlook PST file data, however when Outlook users proceed with improper steps to archive PST files, some of the personal folders may disappear. Also, an inaccurate method of un-archiving PST file contents may lead to the missing of a few Outlook folders.

Even by the time when the Outlook PST file is about to reach or exceed its fixed file size limit, the respective Outlook email accounts may show various abnormal behaviors. In such instances, Outlook may display partial data or not show a set of personal folders and make users get tense about their confidential personal information. Various personal folders may also disappear in Outlook due to other reasons like those mentioned below.

What are the Major Causes of Outlook Missing Folders?

Outlook folder can go missing due to various reasons, here are a few major reasons mentioned below:

  1. Damage of the Personal Folder
  2. If your Outlook is not syncing with the server
  3. Deletion of Outlook Files by mistake
  4. Some of your Outlook Folders are hidden

Where did my Folders go in Outlook?

There are two places where Outlook stores data: the personal storage folder on the computer's hardware and the mailbox on the server. When they disappear, they can be found in the "Deleted Items Folder" or "Recoverable Items Folder".

How Do I Find And Recover Missing Folders In Outlook?

If you are in a confusion that, is it possible to get back the deleted or disappeared outlook fles? Not to worry, By following the below-mentioned methods, you will be able to get back your disappeared Outlook files.

Method 1: Recover Outlook Folder Missing with Data File Properties

Method 2: Recover Lost or Missing Folder in Outlook from Deleted Items/Trash Bin

The missing folder in Outlook can be found in Deleted Items or Trash Bin if it's accidentally deleted.

Method 3: Find the Outlook Missing folders using Search and Browse

A folder search using advanced features is used to locate missing folders. Using this feature you will be able to find the missing files.

Method 4: Use Import and Export Options to Get Back Folders Missing in Outlook

Importing data is basically for retrieving folders back into Outlook after they have been moved to the PST data file through export.

Method 5: Recover Disappeared Folders in Outlook Using Yodot

Yodot Outlook PST Repair is a significant tool that resolves various issues in Outlook and finds out disappeared Outlook folders on Windows computers. This program helps you recover all disappeared folders in Outlook such as the mailbox folder, contacts lists, journal folders, tasks, notes, calendar items, and others.

Step-by-step procedure to recover disappeared folders in Outlook:

Note: Along with disappeared Outlook personal folders, you can also recover deleted mail folders in Outlook 2003, 2000, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 Outlook versions.

Tips to Avoid Folders Disappearing from Outlook:

  • Make use of a genuine and updated antivirus program to protect essential PST files from deadly viruses.
  • Back up Outlook PST files regularly in order to overcome the above-discussed data loss scenarios.
  • Do not exit the Outlook application improperly and make sure its PST file size doesn’t exceed its file size limit.

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