How to Fix Outlook Rundll32 Error on Windows System?

Written by Lucy John on April 28, 2023

“Hi, I was experiencing some issue while accessing my Outlook account. The displayed error message was like “something is wrong/missing in your data file and Outlook needs to close the application. Outlook can try to repair file. So click OK to run Inbox Repair Tool. When I did that, it showed a message stated that “errors are found in file” along with Repair option. When I clicked on Repair, the tool screened that it would replace a backup file. I was not having any backup file; still I clicked on OK to go further. Now the tool stopped responding. I am getting nothing except Rundll32 error. Can I solve this issue without affecting my Outlook data?”

Nothing is impossible, if you try! You can resolve this problem without affecting a single bit of your Outlook data. You just need to maintain two things. First safeguard your PST file and next fix Rundll32 error.

To safeguard your PST file you need to back it up using proper method and save in a secure location.

After saving PST file, try to fix Rundll32 error. But before getting into repair process, know the cause for this error. The Rundll32 error may arise when you have a dedicated graphics card on your system. This error immobilizes use of dedicated card and allows using integrated cards.

You can solve Rundll32 error by implementing below procedures. (If one technique didn’t help you then go to next one)

1. Start Outlook in Safe Mode

2. Run a clean boot state

3. Open Microsoft Word > go to File option > Select Options > Click on Advanced > Scroll down until you find Display > Select the check box Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration > Click on Ok

4. Uninstall Office application completely > get Fixit from Microsoft > re-install Office

After fixing Rundll32 error, restore backed up PST file to your Outlook account and open it. If you cannot access Outlook even after implementing these troubleshooting or your PST file got corrupted because of this incident then fix PST file with help of Yodot.

Propitious software to fix your PST:

Yodot Outlook PST Repair is an auspicious program as it fixes PST file without touching its original structure and data. It replicates your corrupted Outlook data file, repairs entire constituents, saves in safe location (rather than host location). The intellectual tool can recover deleted emails, email folders in fixed PST during while fixation. The potent utility is capable of repairing PST and OST files that are encrypted, damaged or broken because of any actions and errors. Along with smart and user-convincing GUI, the software has brilliant algorithm to find and repair Outlook file; when you are not aware of its location, when you possessing multiple Outlook accounts. Moreover this supportive program is compatible with all OS of Windows counting Win10.

Easy guide to fix PST file:


  • Close both your Microsoft Word and Outlook applications before using Yodot Outlook PST Repair
  • Import healthy PST into your Outlook profile using apt procedure
  • Efficient as well as easy way to backup and restore Outlook data files (both PST and OST) is Yodot Backup Outlook PST program

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