How to Retrieve Deleted Video Files from Hard Drive?

One fine morning you have switched on your computer to start your work. While working you found it difficult to search for few files related to work. Hence, you thought of moving all personal data to another drive and you kept on moving your data using “Cut” option, so that you need not delete it later. While selecting videos you followed same procedure which you have applied for all files; but unfortunately after opting “Cut” option, you deleted those videos using “Shift + Delete” before pasting them to the specific drive. This improper operation resulted in loss of precious videos from your hard drive. In such circumstances you may conclude that you have lost your precious videos permanently from computer hard drive.

Well, take it easy!!! Accidental deletion is the most common action that causes data loss from computer hard drive. Many times, you may incautiously or unknowingly delete videos from your system which later appears to be important. But it’s just temporary and you will get back your videos soon if you do not use your hard drive after data loss.

Video file loss scenarios:

Many professional exports suggest keeping backup of important files before performing any operation with hard drive or other storage media. But you may forget to maintain backup and even if you create it, you may not remember to update it frequently. In such case, the last and best option left with you to get back deleted videos is to use suitable video recovery software.

Deleted video recovery tool

Yodot Photo Recovery software is amazing media recovery software which helps you in retrieving deleting videos from your computer hard drive. Its intensive scanning process promises rapid recovery of deleted videos from system hard disk or any storage media on Windows OS. It classifies recovered videos in an easy to select manner according to its file extensions, date and size. With the assistance of this photo recovery software, you can restore digital photos, videos, audio files and other files from hard drives, memory cards, external hard drives, iPods, multimedia players, flash drives and other storage drives on Windows computer. This program is 100% virus free and can rescue your deleted video perfectly with the same quality as it was before deletion. It has easy to use graphical interface, so that even amateur can use it to recover media files without facing any obstacles.

Guidelines to extract videos deleted from computer hard drive:

Valuable Tips:

  • It is recommended to use Copy option while moving video files from one location to another within the computer or from computer to external storage drive
  • Make use of UPS so that your computer does not get shutdown due to power failure while watching videos
  • Recovered videos should not be saved to the same drive from where you initially deleted them

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