How to Retrieve Data from Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick?

Xbox 360 Memory Stick is a storage device used in world’s well known video game console, Xbox 360 developed by Microsoft. This video game console features various online games, television programs, music and other media that can be downloaded via Xbox Live. So, these games and media files on Xbox game console can be saved on external memory device like Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick by configuring it on the console.

Xbox Memory Stick, developed by SanDisk is a memory unit used as any other external USB device by plugging it in USB port on the Xbox console. It can hold data like Xbox games, game data, Online Facebook and Twitter pages up to 32GB. But, to use the memory space on Xbox Memory Stick it has to be configured / customized using the following steps: First plug your Xbox 360 Memory Stick to the game console. Go to the Xbox dashboard and click for System settings. Then click on Storage option. In the list displayed, select USB storage device option. Then either click on Configure Now or Customize option which takes few seconds to complete the process. Not, the Memory Stick will be shown as Memory Unit that can be used to save files from the console. There are risks in using Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick that few uneven circumstances will render data loss from it. So in such situation how to get back a deleted Xbox 360 games, music, telivision programs and other media data? Before knowing the solution, one must first understand the causes behind such data loss issues: Go through the below listed reasons:

  • Improper usage of Xbox 360 Memory Stick on Xbox console or on system will lead to inaccessibility of files saved on it
  • Unintentionally formatting the memory device that is holding your games as well as other game related data will result in deletion of entire data
  • Plugging Xbox 360 storage device to unsupported game consoles may trigger errors when it is connected back on Xbox console
  • Entry of malicious viruses to Xbox 360 memory Stick either by downloading games from unknown sites or connecting it to infected system will corrupt the storage media and hence data on it becomes inaccessible
  • Unexpected deletion of important files on Xbox 360 Memory Stick when it is connected on system will also result in losing your precious files

When files on Memory Stick get erased or inaccessible then the only solution is to make use of best recovery tool to extract the removed files. But prior to this, it is very important to make sure that after encountering data loss situation, no new files are added to the Xbox 360 Memory Stick. Because adding new data will overwrite the lost files and cause permanent loss of essential files.

One of the best utility that most of the recovery experts suggest is Yodot Photo Recovery software. This software has efficient advanced strategies to scan storage device like Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick in order to retrieve data on it. This program can recover files like documents, spreadsheets, application files, PDFs, presentation files, html, xml, pictures, videos, music files, etc. from Memory Stick as well as from internal – external hard drive, USB pen drive, memory cards and other storage devices. One can easily employ this tool on Windows operated computers like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

Working procedure of Xbox Memory Stick recovery tool:

  • Connect your Xbox 360 Memory Stick from which files have to be recovered to a Windows PC
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software on to that Windows system
  • Install and run the utility by following given guidelines
  • Then in the main screen you will see, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” options
  • Select either of the above mentioned options based on data loss scenario and click next
  • Upcoming screen displays all the drives present on system (including internal drive)
  • Select the drive representing Memory Stick that is externally connected on system
  • By clicking next, software performs complete scan of the Memory device
  • Further, all recoverable files will be listed in two types of views, Data View and File Type View
  • Toggle between the view types and select required files
  • After confirming for right files, save it on target location by hitting save button

Precautionary measures:

  • Do not unintentionally format Xbox 360 Memory Stick
  • Have proper backup of required files from Xbox 360 Memory Stick on other storage drives

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