How Do I Make An Audio File Play In PowerPoint?

“Hi, I have linked some audio files in my important PowerPoint presentation. I previewed the file; since I need it to work fine in my next conference. The audio files are not playing. How can I fix this problem? How to make these PowerPoint audio files playable?”

The general cause behind this problem might depend on linking of audio file in your PowerPoint presentation.

Linking: Audio file is separated from PowerPoint presentation and is saved in folder along with presentation file. Where, the presentation includes a link to the targeted audio file.

So, when you link an audio file with any presentation, linking needs access of that file (linked). If your audio file is missing or removed from source location then the PowerPoint doesn’t play sound; since path in presentation file points the location where no audio file is present. Thus, whenever your PowerPoint fails to play audio, first check whether linked audio file is present in the targeted location or not.

Sometimes, the audio file will not play in PowerPoint if the linked path is very long. Hence put both PowerPoint and audio files in a folder having short path like C:\PPTs\, re–link the audio file and try to play the presentation.

If above method fails to fix your problem the try next methods.

1. Check heath of your audio file

Go to the location, where you have saved audio file that your PowerPoint cannot play. Try to play those audio files directly (without PowerPoint). If you can play audio file then again link it with your PowerPoint. And see, PowerPoint can play the audio.

2. Unsupported audio file

PowerPoint presentation cannot play unsupported media file (since your PC doesn’t recognize the media). So, get a reliable media decoder and encoder suite that allows you to play numerous file formats.

3. Verify Codec

If you don't have proper codec installed on your computer then PowerPoint cannot play the linked audio file. So, find-out the codec that you need to play audio file, install required codec. Now check, your PowerPoint can play audio.

4. Embed

Since embed guarantees that the audio will play in PowerPoint, try to embed your audio file in a new PowerPoint file. Then check, the presentation can play audio.

Working around the issue:

In case, if your linked/embedded audio files are not playing only in specific PowerPoint file and all other presentations are playing audio without any difficulty then it indicates that your PowerPoint file is corrupted. A corrupted PowerPoint file may fail to play the audio file that is linked with it. A broken PowerPoint file cannot play audio even after you shorten the linking path. And to fix the corrupted PowerPoint file, you can opt for Yodot PPT Repair program.

Tool to fix your PowerPoint file:

Yodot PPT Repair will rally round in fixing your corrupted PowerPoint presentation that fails to play attached audio file. You can easily repair PowerPoint file formats like PPT, PPTX and PPS with the software. The potent utility can easily repair corrupted, broken or damaged presentation file and fix up its elements like hyperlink, picture, OLE object, animation, table, smart art, clip art etc. The program is flexible to resolve issues in presentation file of any PowerPoint edition including MS PowerPoint 2016. Counting from W10, the tool works effectively on all editions of Windows operating system.

Yodot provides set of all new solutions even for media file recovery. Many video and picture files that got corrupt in various instances can be well treated using Yodot repair utilities. One of the prominent and helpful tool to fix MOV files playing only audio is Yodot MOV Repair.

3 steps to fix your corrupted PowerPoint file:


  • Use Save As option with new name while saving PowerPoint file to keep its prior edition saved
  • Never save your presentation file directly on removable devices

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