Repair PowerPoint Encountered An Error And Needs to Close Error

Most of the technical presentations cannot become livelier if PowerPoint is not used to accomplish the task. Microsoft PowerPoint is the most effective application that produces presentation files to enhance the way of sharing information through slides. These PowerPoint files can include images, videos clippings, audio tracks along with text, thus enriching the look of presentations. But, certain presentation files may become unresponsive due to various errors on MS Office PowerPoint. One of the common error that occurs on PowerPoint file is‘PowerPoint encountered an error and needs to quit.

Error: “Microsoft PowerPoint encountered a problem and needs to quit”

MS Office PowerPoint may sometimes throw this error message when user tries to open any presentation file. Due to this error, the PPT file becomes inaccessible and thus, user might lose valuable information saved in that presentation file. Strong causes for this peculiar error on PowerPoint are as below:

  • Corruption of PowerPoint application files on system hard drive due to virus intrusion etc. can make the tool to induce this error and force to quit the application
  • Certain background programs running on system may interfere with PowerPoint while you try to open any PPT file on it and cause this error
  • If PowerPoint file preferences are corrupted then also MS PowerPoint may throw this error while opening presentation file
  • Other factors can be incorrect way of updating PowerPoint; PPT file corruption that is being tried to open frequent irregular termination of MS PowerPoint without following formal way bad sector at the memory location where PowerPoint application files are stored, etc

How to resolve PowerPoint has encountered a problem and need to close error?

There are certain handy methods that could sometimes fix the above error on Microsoft PowerPoint application and unblocks the accessibility of PPT files, such as:

  • Uninstall and reinstall MS Office PowerPoint
  • Clean the startup to make background applications not to interfere with MS Office
  • Close all the applications and restart the system

If none of the above suggestions fix the error, then the PowerPoint file is severely corrupt and has to be repaired using third party PowerPoint file repair utility. Among the top list of PPT file repair utilities, Yodot PPT Repair is the best and safe tool to be used to fix ‘PowerPoint encountered an error and needs to quit’ issue. The software can easily fix PPT files that refuse to open or display error messages on startup due to header corruption, malware impact, invalid file format, MS Office crash, etc. Also, this tool can mend severely corrupted / damaged PowerPoint presentation files created on MS Office versions like 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Apart from PPT file, the software can even repair PPTX, PPS and PPSX file formats and extracts videos, pictures, text, charts and other OLE objects from the presentation files with extreme ease.

Follow these steps to fix error showing PowerPoint file:

  • Download Yodot PPT Repair tool on your Windows computer
  • Install and run the utility by following given steps
  • In the main screen, browse for the error showing PowerPoint file and select it
  • Then click on Repair button to start scanning process
  • Software entirely scans the presentation file and fixes all issues in it within few seconds
  • Repaired presentation file will be displayed in next window, examine the PowerPoint file details using preview option
  • Specify target location to save this repaired PPT/PPTX file for further usage

Valuable Information:

  • Always perform accurate settings in PowerPoint Preferences to avoid unknown errors
  • Make use of efficient antivirus tool to get rid of malicious virus or malware attacks that might corrupt presentation file
  • Maintain good backup of necessary presentation files on multiple storage devices