How To Fix AVI File Not Opening In PowerPoint

Written by Lucy John on April 14, 2023

“I recently prepared a presentation using MS PowerPoint tool, in which I had inserted a video file that was in AVI format. It worked well on my presentation file and later transferred it to pen drive. Later I plugged pen drive to the PC at college and tried to open PowerPoint file, video inserted in it was not working. I have used Cut option while transferring my presentation file from computer to pen drive. So I don’t have backup of either video file or presentation file. Can anyone let me know the way to fix this problem?

Relax, not only you many users might have faced similar problem as described above. If you are reading this article, then obviously you might have encountered this kind of issue and searching for best solution to fix your problem. But do not upset!!! You will find a way after going through this article.

However, in reality AVI videos should successfully play using PowerPoint, but sometimes due to improper installation of Codec or if the file is not programmed in a format that is recognized by version of Microsoft Windows installed on your PC, it may refuse to play. At that moment, you can follow the steps as mentioned below to make AVI video playable again.

NOTE: Changing the file suffix does not require converting the video to WMV or MPEG format; the video file is still in AVI format.

After applying above method, the issue should cease and the AVI file should play as you intended it to, but if at all video still does not play, then you have to fix the issue using AVI Repair software.

How to fix AVI video not playing in PowerPoint?

If PowerPoint file is corrupted, then use manual way i.e. “Open and Repair” option provided by Microsoft to fix it. But in case AVI file present in PowerPoint is corrupted, then you have to download AVI Repair software. You may ask why to use AVI repair software why not PPT Repair. It is because PPT file repair fixes the problem that is associated with PowerPoint and then recovers the attributes present in it. But if AVI present in PowerPoint itself is corrupted then you have to make use of repair software like Yodot AVI Repair.

Yodot Video Repair can smoothly repair AVI file that does not play in PowerPoint presentation. How this software works is that it initially extracts corrupted AVI file from the storage media and then tries to fix errors in video file within a short period of time. In addition to AVI files, this application supports repair of damaged XVID and DIVX video files on various storage media devices. This software works compatibly on all latest Windows operating systems such as Windows 11, Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008.

Steps to repair AVI file not working in PowerPoint:


  • Do not try to embed AVI file in PowerPoint if you do not have proper knowledge
  • Make sure to keep backup before inserting AVI file to PowerPoint

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