How to Fix Frozen AVI File?

“Hi, I had downloaded many AVI videos from internet and saved on my Windows PC. All the movies were playing well till today. But, today when I played an AVI video on media player, the player stopped after few seconds as the file froze. I tried to play this AVI file on other media players but ended up with same result. Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue by suggesting any appropriate method to fix the file? Thanks in advance.”

AVI video file format is a popular and effective way to store videos and movies on storage devices and gadgets. AVI video files have the best picture quality and are very easy to share on network. But, there are certain issues related to AVI file format due to which the video stops playing and lead to severe disasters. One such problematic issue is freezing of AVI file that may sometimes end up in computer freezing too.

Mentioned here are the factors that may result in freezing of AVI files usually on Windows OS:

  • Presence of improper Codec on your computer which is required for playing AVI files
  • Incorrect video drivers or no drivers installed on the system
  • Compatibility issues of AVI files on media player versions and other gadgets
  • Other possible reasons are incorrect download of the video file, virus infection, unknown changes in system settings, corruption of AVI videos, etc.

In most of the cases, AVI file stops to play and the application crashes. In few other situations, the video suddenly freezes for an interval of time (few seconds) and again starts to play; this follows till the end. Such freezing AVI files can be fixed by carrying out appropriate resolutions.

  • Check for proper codec before playing the AVI video
  • Uninstall and reinstall the media player by following correct procedure
  • Perform system restore to an earlier point where AVI files were working properly
  • Convert the AVI file to other compatible video format that the media player supports
  • Lastly, make use of reliable video repair tool to fix the issue

Utility to repair frozen AVI File:

Yodot AVI Repair is the best program to fix freezing of AVI files that stops playing on QuickTime player, Windows Media player, VLC player and other multimedia video playing applications. The tool is capable enough to resolve all the issues with the AVI video files that are not playing due to corruption, virus infected, incomplete download, damage, etc. with utmost ease. Additionally, the software can also support fixing DivX and XviD file formats on all gadgets like iPod, Smartphone, video recorders, etc. on both Windows and Mac OS X computers. Download the trial version of the software to practically evaluate its repair process and efficiency.

Steps to repair freezing AVI file on Windows PC:

  • Download and install Yodot AVI Repair tool on your Windows PC on which frozen AVI files reside
  • After running the tool in the main screen click on Browse button to choose the frozen AVI file
  • Then hit the Repair button to trigger repair process
  • After few seconds repair process halts and displays the newly created AVI video in which all the issues have been fixed
  • View the file description of the repaired AVI video and save the file to desired destination location

Important Note:

  • Always ensure that there are multiple copies of required AVI videos on external storage devices
  • Do not make use of unauthenticated media player applications to edit/to play the AVI files
  • Download proper Codec for the media player before playing AVI files on it