How to Undelete Excel Files from USB?

“Hi, I work in a consultancy related office wherein I have to take care of many reports on daily basis; so, along with Office desktop I also work on my PC from home. To take care of my work at both the sides I carry number of excel sheets in 16GB USB drive. But, today while trying to transfer few important reports I accidentally erased them from the drive instead of moving. I don’t have any updated copy of the files and I am in big problem now. Is there any way to recover deleted Excel files from flash drive? Please suggest me the proper methods. Thanks in advance.”

Flash drives are the excellent means for storing and carrying files from one system to another. These USB drives are of compact size, yet stores huge data on it. It can be easily used as plug-and-play device; thus most of the computer users hoard useful data on USB drive for multiple purposes. On the other hand, data stored on flash drive is not safe as USB drive is prone to many data loss disasters. One such scenario is mentioned in the above example wherein excel files are lost due to accidental deletion.

Let us know more about deletion of excel sheets from USB drive:

As discussed in above scenario, while carrying important reports in flash drive user may encounter various situations that render deletion of files from USB stick. However, user may feel relaxed even after accidentally erasing spreadsheets, thinking that these deleted files will be saved in Recycle Bin folder and can be restored back easily. Unfortunately this seems to be wrong when user opens Recycle Bin folder. This is because, deleted excel files or any other file from flash drive will not get saved under Recycle Bin; the files will be completely removed from USB drive soon after deleting it drive. And user get in trouble for deleting excel files from flash drive.

Excel file recovery from USB drive?

It is very simple. Soon after unintentionally deleting spreadsheets from flash drive, stop using it for further storage of any new data and immediately make use of third party file retrieval tool to get back deleted excel files on pen drive. This is because, when a file is erased from externally connected USB drive on Windows computer, the file will bypass Recycle Bin folder and all its registry entries will be erased from file allocation table on the drive. Fortunately, file contents will be still present on same memory location until any new data gets saved to its memory. Hence, as long as usage of flash drive is avoided after losing data, deleted excel sheets can be restored effortlessly.

How to deal with data loss?

Yodot File Recovery is the best utility that rigorously scans entire drive for erased reports and recovers the files in quick way. This software is built with extraordinary technology by various data recovery professionals to easily extract all types of files. You can bring back xls, xlsx as well as docx, txt, exe, html, xml, ppt, pdf, dll, chk, zip, rar, vcf and many more file types from flash drive (pen drive), system drive, external hard disk and other storage devices. The software can rescue lost / deleted files from SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, HP, Lexar, Leica, iBall and other popular flash drive models.

Guidelines to recover erased XLSX files from Flash drive:

  • Download Yodot File Recovery software and install it on a Windows system
  • Connect your flash drive from which excel files are erased to the same system
  • Now, run the utility by following on-screen instructions
  • Select “Deleted File Recovery” option to extract erased files
  • Next, select the drive that represents externally connected USB pen drive and click next
  • Also, select the file types that has to be restored and click next
  • The tool starts to scan the drive and its progress will be displayed in status bar
  • After scanning process completes, all the recovered excel files will be displayed in a list including its file description
  • Go through the file description of retrieved spreadsheets using Data view or File type view
  • Then, select desired location on the system drive and click on Save button to save restore excel sheets

Necessary Tips:

  • Do not save recovered excel files on to the same flash drive
  • Follow safe removal of flash drive while disconnecting it from the system
  • Before erasing excel reports from USB drive, check for correct files

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