Data Recovery after CHKDSK

“My system used to freeze frequently whenever I access files or surf internet. I thought running chkdsk would probably solve this problem. After running chkdsk, my system is working fine but I lost many files from it. Can anyone tell me how to get my data back; I cannot restore it from backup as I have not created it before running chkdsk. Please help!!!!”

Have you faced similar situation after running chkdsk. If yes then hold on!!! There are very good chances to recover the lost data if you have not overwritten any data further. CHKDSK short for "Check disk” is a disk scanning utility that can be used to search out errors on a hard drive and removal drive. The advantages of running Chkdsk are innumerable if you are experiencing a disk issue as indicated by the system blue screen errors, computer freeze up, event logs or an operating system notification. It also quickly repairs bad sectors found on partition on the hard drive.

How to run Chkdsk?

  • Click on “Start” button and then type “Run” on the search box which you can see as soon as you click on “Start”
  • When you click on “Run” you can see a small window. Type "cmd" in the open text box and press Enter
  • You will now see Command Prompt screen. In case you want CHKDSK to run in read-only mode, then type CHKDSK c:, If you want CHKDSK to fix errors and not to check bad sectors then type CHKDSK c:/f
  • If at all you want CHKDSK to run thoroughly, i.e. fix errors, find bad sectors in your hard drive and recuperate still readable data then type CHKDSK c:/r or CHKDSK c:/p and then press enter

CHKDSK corrects disk errors only if you specify the /f command-line option. Chkdsk must be able to lock the drive to correct errors. Because it usually change a disk's file allocation table and sometimes cause a loss of data therefore is a good idea to back up all data and create a recovery disk before running chkdsk / f. However, if at all you have not created backup before running chkdsk and lost files after running it, then you are required to download file recovery software to get your data back.

How to retrieve lost data after Chkdsk?

In case the data which you have lost after running chkdsk is very important, then Yodot File Recovery can help you out to get it back without damaging the original content. This software has an innovative scan technology, which scans each and every sector of the hard drive in order to recover files and folders with high speed and precision. With the aid of this file recovery software you could recover photos, videos, music, documents etc. which you lost after running chkdsk on Windows system.

Yodot helps not just in restoring deleted or missing files from computer hard drive upon running chkdsk, but it also provides an efficient way for your queries like how to retrieve an uninitialized hard drive or fixing fatal errors that turn up on Windows PC / laptop.

Steps to be followed to get back lost files

  • Download Yodot File Recovery software and install it in your laptop or PC
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the recovery process
  • Set the drive from where files are to be retrieved and permit the software to scan the drive
  • View the recovered data in two different viewing patterns for easy file selection and select the ones which you need recover
  • Click on "Preview" to view the recovered file to ensure you that right file has been rescued
  • Choose the drive to which you intent to save the rescued

Important Information

  • Try not to run CHKDSK in read-only mode because it sometimes creates inaccurate reports
  • Before running chkdsk, make sure that you keep backup of important files
  • Run CHKDSK only if you have proper knowledge

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