How to Recover Files Deleted/Lost after Running CHKDSK?

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

Since you are here, most probably you might have ran CHKDSK utility recently and found that it deleted your important files. If so, then you are not along to this issue. Before going on how to recover files after CHKDSK, let's have a look at real time scenarios mentioned below:

"When my Windows 7 told me to run CHKDSK for my one of the computer's internal hard drive, i foolishly did it. Later, i saw a lot of "deleting index..." messages and i realized that it was a complete disaster. After running CHKDSK, lots of important files including photos, videos, songs, and other documents vanished from my system. Is there a way to get them back?"

"I connected my external hard drive to my system, and the Windows OS insisted me to run CHKDSK. Then, i ran CHKDSK, and all the files and folders on my external hard drive disappeared suddenly. Then, i read the log file, and it has found many mistakes on my external HDD. Is it possible to recover files lost after running CHKDSK?"

If you have come across a scenario like these, then don't get tensed! Just remain calm, and read on. CHKDSK corrects disk errors only if you specify the /f command-line option. Chkdsk must be able to lock the drive to correct errors. Because it usually change a disk's file allocation table and sometimes cause a loss of data therefore is a good idea to back up all data and create a recovery disk before running chkdsk / f. However, if at all you have not created backup before running chkdsk and lost files after running it, then you are required to download file recovery software to get your data back.

Yodot File Recovery - Free Tool to Recover Lost Data after CHKDSK..!

In case the data which you have lost after running chkdsk is very important, then Yodot File Recovery can help you out to get it back without damaging the original content. This software has an innovative scan technology, which scans each and every sector of the hard drive in order to recover files and folders with high speed and precision. With the aid of this file recovery software you could recover photos, videos, music, documents etc. which you lost after running chkdsk on Windows system.

Yodot helps not just in restoring deleted or missing files from computer hard drive upon running chkdsk, but it also provides an efficient way for your queries like how to retrieve an uninitialized hard drive or fixing fatal errors that turn up on Windows PC / laptop.

Before you start Recovering Lost Files after CHKDSK: Stop using the hard disk drive in which the files are deleted/lost after running CHKDSK. This is because, if the deleted or lost files on the drive is overwritten with new files, then recovery chance is very low. So, immediately stop using the drive to increase the chance of recovery.

Steps to Recover Files Lost After CHKDSK:

Important Information

  • Try not to run CHKDSK in read-only mode because it sometimes creates inaccurate reports
  • Before running chkdsk, make sure that you keep backup of important files
  • Run CHKDSK only if you have proper knowledge

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