How to Get Data from Hard Disk after CRC Error?

Usually many people store their precious data on computer hard drive as they consider it as the safest media to preserve large amount of data for years; and because of such misconception, they always ignore to backup hard drive data to other storage devices and unfortunately they often meet to data loss scenarios. Even if users are managing hard drive data carefully, they can experience data loss at any instance. Hard drive CRC error is a good example that strengthens this fact and anybody can meet such unexpected error.

In brief, there is not anything specific which can help you in preventing CRC error on hard disk but fortunately you have technology means that can help you to overcome this problem and you can easily set your data loss. Basically, hard drive CRC error appears when data written to the disk corrupts due to virus effect, software failure, file extraction failure on compressed data, bad sectors and so on. In case, data is not correctly written on the hard drive, CRC error will be thrown and then data on hard disk won’t be accessible. OS corruption, power failure, physical damage etc can also result in hard drive CRC error. In Windows users are provided an in-built program that is CHKDSK that scans the hard drive to identify and resolve possible causes. Oftentimes CHKDSK does nothing even after scanning the hard disk for several minutes. Therefore, it is always suggested to go with the proper solution to resolve hard drive CRC error effectively.

Best tool to retrieve data from hard drive after CRC error!

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is safe and risk free program that performs read only scanning of hard drive and restores data completely. This application is designed with fastest data recovery modules that check each and every hard drive sectors to re-construct data that is written in wrong pattern or has become corrupt. With this comprehensive software, one can recover data from defective hard drive that has become inaccessible due to hdd corruption, file system issues, bad sectors, re-formatting and other reasons. It is a user-friendly tool that retrieves videos, music, pictures, Office documents, e-books, application files and all other type of files from SATA, ATA, IDE, SCSI, PATA and other interfaced hard drives on Windows systems. You can use this program to regain data from FAT16, ExFAT, FAT32, NTFS5, NTFS hard drive partitions, external hard disks, pen drives, SSD drives and various kinds of storage devices.

Steps to rescue data from hard disk after CRC error:

Tips to prevent data loss:

  • Keep back up of required data to other storage devices and update it regularly
  • Scan your hard disk with an efficient anti-virus program to protect it from destructive viruses
  • Power failure or interrupted read/write operation could make hard drive inaccessible with CRC error

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