Restore Shortcut Files on External Hard Disk

Written by Lucy John on April 17, 2023

“I have thousands of files on my 1TB external hard disk which have become shortcut after I connected it to computer. It’s really annoying as I cannot open any file or folder after they turned into shortcut. I used an anti-virus tool to scan external hard drive but many of shortcuts got disappeared and only few files are recovered. How could this possible? Can I restore these shortcut files to their original state? Please help me?”

Have you ever met a situation like above while carrying your valuable files on external hard drive? It is very common issue often experienced by most of the users who are using removable storage media like pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards etc. You might be wondering and thinking what is problem and why files are converted into shortcuts? In most of the cases, viruses are only responsible to such dramatic situation. Computer worms, Trojans, Autorun and other threats can easily affect your external hard disk and make all files inaccessible by converting them into shortcuts. Moreover, many users delete such shortcuts and get their files removed from eternal hard disk. However, the best way to overcome such problem is to make use of any professional utility to restore files which are present as shortcuts.

Software to restore shortcut files!

You can regain all your shortcut files in their original state by using Recover erased files program. This software has unique scanning features that will automatically bring all files and folders which are turned into shortcuts on external hard drive. With this tool, one can recover shortcuts files which have been removed from external hard drive after anti-virus scanning and other reasons. Similarly, this application helps users in recovering missing files and folders after virus attack to computer hard drive, external hard disk, pen drive, flash memory cards, SSD etc. You can utilize this powerful file recovery program in recovering shortcut files including images, documents, audio etc on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Procedure to get shortcut files back from USB hard drive:

Helpful Tips!

  • Scan your external hard drive regularly with an updated anti-virus program
  • Don’t interrupt file transfer operation when external hard drive is connected to computer
  • Avoid surfing untrusted websites and downloading files directly onto external hard disk

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