Get Back Data from USB Memory Stick

Written by Lucy John on April 18, 2023

I captured plenty of images on my digital camera which uses 8 GB USB memory stick as its storage device. I connected that digicam via USB cable in order to share those pictures from the memory stick to my system, and then an error displayed stating that “You need to format the drive, before you can use it”. Since formatting the USB memory stick will result in loss of entire data present in it, I am afraid of clicking “Yes” option. Is it possible to retrieve data from USB memory stick?

One might encounter this kind of error messages when USB memory stick get corrupted due to overusage, continuously recording videos, capturing photos when the device is running on low battery, ejecting USB memory stick improperly from host device and many more. In above explained scenario, if user clicks on Yes option then complete USB memory stick data will go into ether. Otherwise the device will not allow user to access its contents. At that time users expect not to lose single file from USB memory stick, isn’t it?? If you are in such condition, then don’t worry, you can get back missing or deleted data from USB memory stick. Before knowing exact solution have a look on some other reasons for deleting or losing data from USB memory stick:

Is it possible to retrieve data from USB Memory Stick?

Definitely Yes!! When you deleted or lost files from USB memory stick, the file system won’t erase file data permanently. The files and folders you erased or missing will still remain on the USB memory stick storage space, but the file is marked as deleted and that memory space can be used by any new data that is saved on USB Memory Stick. Therefore, restore missing or removed USB memory stick data as soon as possible before any new files such as photos or videos using precise media files recovery tool like Yodot Photo Recovery. If not new data occupies the location where your deleted files were saved resulting data overwriting.

USB memory stick recovery software:

Deleted files recovery is amazing media recovery application to perform USB memory stick data recovery process on Windows system. The software recovers data from formatted and corrupted USB memory stick and helps you in retrieving all types of data including your music files, video clips, image files and many more. Apart from restoring data from USB memory sticks, the program also aids you in rescuing data from other storage devices such as CF card, XD card, SD card, pen drives, hard disks and many other devices on Windows desktop / laptop having Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Steps to bring back data from USB memory stick:

Useful Instructions:

  • Keep your USB memory stick away from storing any new data after data loss in order to avoid data loss mishap
  • It is good to backup essential photos, videos and other files of USB memory stick on some other storage device
  • Do not use USB memory stick in unsecure or unauthentic device or systems

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