How Do I Fix NTLDR Is Missing Error?

“Hi, as of today morning I started experiencing problem with my laptop. I get an error that states “ntldr is missing. Press any key to restart” when I turned on the computer. If I press any key then also the same message will pop-up. Even I hold Ctrl+Alt+Delete buttons and restarted the system but still I am getting the same error. What problem is with my system? I am really out of ideas; how can I solve this NTLDR is missing error. Any help? Is my Hard disk gone? Can I save my files? Please guide me”.

Know more about NTLDR and NTLDR is missing error

NTLDR or NT loader is a boot loader file created for Windows operating system. It generally runs on prime hard disk but can also run from external storage devices.

NTLDR is missing error arises when your system fails to find NTLDR file or NT Loader file is corrupted/damaged.

The error may also crop-up because of various other reasons like:

Several troubleshooting are available to resolve the problem based on the cause for the error. But you are suggested to copy entire data from computer and save it on safe location before getting started with repair process. It’s not possible to access error screening system directly and fetch files from it, so here provided a simple way to accomplish that task.

Give a try for below mentioned solutions one after the other and verify the issue is solved or not.

1. Verify no floppy diskette or CD, memory stick, USB drive, camera, iPod, iPhone, is connected to computer. If they are linked detach them.

2. Verify whether computer BIOS has proper boot setting

3. If you are booting from a floppy diskette then check diskette has all essential and healthy files

4. If you are booting from CD then check jumpers are set properly on CD-ROM drive

5. Properly set up computer hard drive in CMOS

6. Check the computer hard disk cable whether it is firmly connected or not by disconnecting and reconnecting

7. Go to root directory of the hard drive > boot.ini > check whether it is pointing correct location of Windows OS and all partitions defined correctly

8. Insert Windows System Repair Disc > launch Command Prompt > Type bootrec.exe /fixmbr > bootrec.exe /fixmbr > bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd > bootrec /fixmbr > bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force > press enter

9. Insert Windows installation CD > boot system from CD by resetting BIOS setting or using boot menu > Reboot computer from installation CD > Press “R” > Select Windows installation that need to be fixed > copy NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM files from installation CD to your Windows drive (hard disk) > hit Exit > remove installation CD > reboot your computer

10. If none of the above fixation resolves your issue then you need to carry-out complete Windows reinstallation by formatting entire system.

Program to recover data after Windows error codes:

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