How to Recover Specific File Types?

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

“Yesterday night when I clicked on the partition containing files; it showed entire data but along with healthy files, it also displayed duplicate copy of files that were turned to shortcuts. So, I have selected those shortcut files and shift deleted them. After deletion, I realized that I have accidentally deleted few applications and important files along with those files which turned into shortcuts. Is there any procedure that I can follow to recover specific file types from my computer? Please help me!!!”

In a computer, file types mean a layout which shows how the data within the files is arranged. An application that uses the data of a certain file should be able to recognize and access data from it. For instance the software web browser is able to process and show a file in HTML file. Likewise there are many applications which display different file types based on its compatibility. Therefore particular file type is differentiated with file extension and different program is used to access information from it. However during viewing, scanning, moving or working on your computer, one might lose files due to cause as explained above or any of below mentioned facts:

File type recovery software:

As certain applications or files are not easily available online, you should keep another copy of it in a separate location or utilizing online server. If you did not get time to backup files and lost them due to any consequence, then use Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to regain files with any file format or extension that is lost or deleted from computer HDD. Apart from internal HD devices when users cannot find saved DOC file on flash drive, USB drives, SSD and other external storage can also utlize this application to safely restore them back. This application can be used to find and extract all files stored on your computer based on their file types. It is read only software that does not write anything on your computer or alter recoverable files and just takes information from it to create new and accessible files. In case your hard drive has bad sectors, then this software will create disk image of it to skip bad sectors and retrieve data from rest of sectors on hard drive. Once you are done with scanning, it will show you the location in which you can save recovered files and it can even assist you to compress recovered files to save disk space. It is possible to regain MS Office documents, generic photo files, RAW image files, video files, audio files, emails, animations, program files, database and many more that has specific file formats.

Note: To recover program files or other particular files that is not listed by this software, you can make use of ‘Add file type ‘option. You should first enter certain attributes such as file extension, signature in Hex, offset value and other information and then proceed further for restoring file types that are not listed by this hard drive data recovery tool

Instructions for retrieving specific file types:

Points to Remember:

  • Your computer hard drive can get infected with virus, malware or spyware threats at any point; so keep scanning it with efficient antivirus software
  • Make sure that you delete files only after you confirm that it is not so important for you

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