Restore Data from G-Drive External Hard Drive

G-Technology provides professional and high performance G- Drive external hard drives. Apart from providing high speed data backup, G- Drive external hard drives facilitates you to store various applications like music libraries, audio/video editing, digital photography and so on. This external storage medium comes in different storage capacity up to 4TB. However there is always a possibility of deletion or loss of essential data from G- Drive portable hard drives. Whenever you delete or lost a particular file or a complete folder from the G- Drive external hard drives, then one cannot retrieve those missing files and documents to its original location manually. But one can get back erased data by using a robust data recovery tool.

Let us consider some common reasons for deletion of data from G- Drive external hard drive:

  • Deletion: If you intentionally or unintentionally delete files and folders from G-Drive external hard drive, then they will be completely removed from that drive, because deleted files from externally connected devices will not be moved to any temporary storage space like Trash folder
  • Formatting: Sometimes while accessing the data from G-Drive external hard drive you may click on the “Format” option instead of choosing some specified operation. One such silly mistake can results in erasing huge amount of data from G-Drive external hard drive
  • Other probable reasons are:

  • Virus attack in G-Drive external hard drive
  • Improperly ejecting or disconnecting the G-Drive external hard drive from system
  • Unexpected system shutdown while transferring data from G-Drive portable hard drive to Mac system
  • Corrupted file system in G-Drive external hard drive
  • G-Drive external hard drive corruption, bad sector formation and so on

As mentioned above once data is deleted or lost from G-Drive external hard drive, it is not directed into Trash. At this point of time, one should really depend on fine data recovery program like Yodot Mac Hard Drive recovery to rescue data from G-Drive external hard drive.

G-Drive external hard drive data recovery:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is the ultimate data restoration tool capable of resorting data from G-Drive external hard drive on Mac machines. Using this application, you can get back data from G-Drive external hard drive by performing file signature search and without modifying original data during data retrieval process. This utility can easily extract lost or missing data from severely corrupted G-Drive external hard drive. Furthermore, the software enables you to get back data from different storage devices on Mac computer installed with Lion (10.7), Snow Leopard (10.6) and Leopard (10.5) operating systems.

Steps to recover data from G-Drive external hard drive on Mac OS X:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery application on your Macintosh machine
  • Then connect G-Drive portable external hard drive to that Mac system
  • Run the software and proceed with main screen guidelines
  • First you will find two options, “Volume Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” on main screen
  • Choose any of the options based on the data loss scenario
  • The tool scans entire Mac computer and shows all the drives present in it, select the drive that denotes G-Drive external HDD from where you have to rescue the data and click on “Next” button
  • Then, the software scans the selected drive and displays erased or missing data
  • You have a choice to select your preferred file which you want to bring back or click on “Mark All” option
  • At last save selected files and folders to your desired location, although not to the same G-Drive external hard disk from where you recovered data

Keep an eye on these instructions:

  • Detach you G-Drive external hard disk using “Eject” or “Safe Removal of hardware” options
  • Be in clarity while deleting files and folders from G-Drive external hard disk drive
  • Store multiple copies of your essential data in other storage device

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