Fix Adobe Premiere MOV File Codec Missing Or Unavailable Error

Written by Lucy John on April 18, 2023

“I edited few of my MOV videos using some video editing tool and saved it on my Mac system. But as I opened QuickTime player to play these videos, the player showed error saying, ‘MOV Codec missing or unavailable’ error. Then I checked the system for presence of correct Codec and found it right. I even tried to play video in other media players. How can I fix this error and make video playable again? Can anyone suggest appropriate method to resolve this MOV error? Thanks in advance.”

MOV container format is used widely to store video data on many devices. This video file delivers HD quality picture with perfect sound effect that can be played in any media player application like VLC, QuickTime, etc. In order to play .MOV files, one should install the system with proper Codec. Thus, missing or incorrect installation of Codec on computer can give rise to various error messages; one of which is missing or unavailable Codec.

Adobe Premiere MOV video Codec missing or unavailable error:

MOV video file can be created on any camera model and can be played in different multimedia players. As MOV file is just a wrapper of video and audio data, each MOV video file will be encoded with specific Codec. And thus, while using MOV videos in various video editing tools or on any multimedia players; the error Codec is missing or unavailable error may get triggered making video file unplayable. This error is generally seen when trying to import MOV files recorded from any camera to open in Adobe Premiere application. Premiere is a video editing tool used by many Mac users to alter MOV files effectively. Reasons for this MOV file error in Adobe Premiere are:

Apart from these, MOV file may show error Codec is missing or unavailable when there is software conflicts like Codec wrongly installed on system or Codec affected by malicious viruses. In order to resolve error MOV Codec missing or unavailable that stops from being played on Mac computers, one should rely upon reliable MOV Video Repair Software.

Tool to fix MOV Codec is missing or unavailable error:

Yodot Video Repair is the most recommended and efficient tool to fix MOV video file errors on Mac computers. This utility can easily fix corrupted, damaged and error showing MOV video files on Mac machines. Its brilliant repair algorithms are capable of fixing MOV videos from cameras, camcorders, iPod, iPhone, etc, within clicks. It can also repair MOV file after CRC error corruption, virus intrusion, unrecognized file format error, header corruption and many more aspects. This tool is designed to mend MOV as well as MP4 and M4V video files that do not play in any media player on both Mac and Windows computers. Mac supported software version can be utilized on Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air that operates with OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion and Mavericks OS versions.

Steps to repair MOV file mov codec missing or unavailable error:

Things to Remember:

  • Keep a backup copy of MOV files before trying to open MOV videos in video editing tools
  • Make use of reliable antivirus tool to protect MOV videos from malicious viruses

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