How to Repair MOV File on Canon

“I have a Canon HFS11 Camcorder, with which I recorded a 30 minute video clip. But, when I tried to pause the recording process, my camcorder didn’t respond and after a few minutes it crashed. The video (MOV) I recorded has some important video footage and now I’m not able to play the file anymore. I think my Canon MOV video file is broken due to camcorder malfunction. I tried with many ways to fix my broken MOV file but nothing has helped me. Can anyone suggest me a suitable tool to fix my video file?”

Has the above mentioned scenario sound similar to you? The video file recorded using Canon DSLR cameras are of MOV video file format. MOV videos have many advantages over other video file formats such as it has high picture quality, compression techniques, more efficient and provide wonderful video experience. Adding to this, MOV video file store multiple video and audio tracks independent to one another and can be easily played on both Windows and Mac operating system. However, computer users sometimes encounter many problems while playing MOV files. The main reason behind this problem is MOV file corruption or damage. Canon MOV files gets corrupt or damaged due to numerous reasons, some of the prominent ones are mentioned below:

  • MOV Header File Corruption: Header file is a location where all vital information’s like video file size, name of the video, starting address, etc. are stored and any corruption to header file will severely corrupt the MOV videos. Usually MOV header file gets damaged when your Canon camcorder terminates abnormally while recording or playing the MOV file
  • Bad Sectors: If your MOV files are stored on memory card containing bad sectors, then there are high possibilities of MOV file corruption
  • Interruptions While Transferring: Canon MOV files also tend to get damaged or corrupted, if there is any interruption while copying or transferring your MOV files
  • Malware Infections: Malware or virus infection on MOV file damages its file structure, resulting in severe MOV file damage and corruption

Other than the above stated causes, there are several other events due to which MOV files gets corrupt and broken. Many users feel that once a MOV file gets corrupt or damaged it can never be repaired back. But the actual fact is that your corrupt Canon MOV file can be fixed by relying on a third party MOV repair utility like Yodot MOV Repair.

Yodot Video Repair is an effective and a powerful tool to fix broken Canon MOV file. The software easily fixes severely damaged / corrupt MOV files of any size on both Windows and Mac operating system. The tool repairs MOV file corruption caused due to header file damage, CRC error, recovery tool, malware infection or any other reason. Adding to this the software offers free demo version through which you can evaluate the performance of the software before actual purchase.

Canon MOV File Repair Procedure:

  • Download the software from the website and install to your Mac computer
  • Connect your Canon camcorder to your Mac computer via USB cable
  • Open the installed utility and follow the on screen steps
  • Choose MOV video file, which has to be repaired
  • Click on “Repair” button to start the repair process
  • The status of repair process can be monitored by viewing the progress bar
  • After completion of file repair, the application displays your repaired MOV video file description
  • The software also provides you the option to preview the repaired Canon MOV file before saving
  • At last, save your repaired MOV video to your desired destination location


  • Avoid recording MOV videos when your Canon’s battery is low
  • Don’t interrupt while transferring your MOV videos from Canon to any computer
  • Make use of reliable multimedia player to play your important MOV videos