Software To Repair MOV On Final Cut Pro

Written by Lucy John on April 19, 2023

“I was editing a MOV file in Final Cut Pro on my Mac computer and after successfully editing MOV file, I thought of closing it using “Exit” option. However, when I was about to close Final Cut Pro application my Mac computer suddenly hanged. I waited for long time assuming that it will get into normal state. But, its condition was stable so I have forcefully turned off my Mac computer. Now, the MOV file which I have edited on Final cut pro shows error message and refuse to open.

Final Cut Pro is a video editing tool which has been developed by Macromedia and Apple Inc. It performs couple of tasks such as transcoding, moving media files, rendering, and so on. The high-quality feature included in Final Cut Pro makes it possible to figure out genuine effects with amazing precision by making use of linear-light color space feature. As a result, you will get outstanding results for scales, blurs, lighting effects and so on. Generally, before editing MOV file on Final Cut Pro, you should convert it to FCP. But certain MOV files does support Final Cut Pro based on the Codecs installed on it. However, during the process of editing MOV file on Final Cut Pro, something may go wrong and leave MOV file in a corrupted state.

List of the scenarios responsible for MOV file corruption:

One of the drawbacks of Final Cut Pro is, it does not provide any option like “Repair” to fix corrupted MOV file. Therefore, make use of professional MOV video file repair utility from Yodot to mend damaged or corrupted MOV file on Mac computer. Your MOV file would be fixed in two clicks, just select the corrupted MOV file and then click on “Repair” damaged MOV will become healthy and stored on a location specified by you. It has high success rate in repairing damaged MOV file without damaging its original quality. It is compatible to run on major operating systems such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion Mountain Lion and Mavericks. Besides this, you can safely repair corrupted MOV file from different digital cameras, USB drive, memory card, mobile phone, external hard drive iPhone and so on. Two more video file formats supported by this video repair utility is MP4, M4V on both Windows and Mac computer.

Procedure to repair MOV files on Final Cut Pro:


  • Never try to import unsupported MOV file on Final Cut Pro as it might get corrupted
  • Before shutting down your computer check whether you have closed Final Cut Pro application

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