How To Play MOV Files On Windows 10

Having difficulty opening MOV files on your Windows 10 computer? No need to worry! This guide is here to help. We will recommend some Windows 10 MOV player software options and walk you through simple steps to easily open MOV files on your Windows system.

Written by Lucy John on july 06, 2023

If you are reading this article, then you are the one who is searching for a solution on how to play MOV files on Windows 10 media players. If so, then no worries! Here, you will get a free solution to play MOV files on Windows 10 PC/laptop. Read on to get the complete details on how to play a MOV file on Windows 10.

If you are using Windows Media Player to play a MOV file on your Windows 10, then first download and install the QuickTime Player, as MOV video files are more compatible with QuickTime Player than any other players. Even after downloading the QuickTime Player, if you facing trouble in playing the MOV file on Windows 10 in QT Player, then the problem is with your MOV video file. The MOV file that is refusing to play even in QuickTime Player, might be corrupted, and need to be fixed at the earliest to avoid further damage to the file.


However, above mentioned scenarios can upset you badly when your most valued video becomes unplayable. Don’t assume that you cannot play it again, because fortunately, you can fix damaged MOV files with the aid of an appropriate movie file repair utility named Yodot Video Repair tool.

Before going on to know how to fix corrupt MOV files with Yodot Video Repair, let's see some common scenarios that can corrupt the video files making them unplayable.

Common Scenarios that Can Corrupt Video Files and Make Them Unplayable:

Video files can become unplayable due to various common situations that cause damage and corruption.

Let's now explore how you can play MOV movies on your Windows 10 computer.

How to Play MOV Files on Windows 10?

To play MOV files on Windows 10, you can use the built-in Windows Media Player by double-clicking on the file, install third-party media players like VLC Media Player, or convert the MOV files to a different format using video conversion software to ensure compatibility with Windows 10.

Method 1: Play MOV File on Windows using VLC Media Player

If you want to play .mov files on your Windows 10 computer, you can use VLC Media Player by following these simple steps:

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