How To Fix Incomplete MP4 Files

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

You have recorded a video of your friend’s birthday with iPhone, which saves videos in MP4 format. The video was recording from 20 minutes, but a call came in and the recorder was interrupted. After sometime, when you tried to open video file, it did not open but instead showed error message that it is corrupted. You switched off your iPhone and turned it on in order to view the video file again. But for your bad luck you got the same error message that won’t let you to play your recorded video file.

Whenever you encounter any error messages or if you cannot open MP4 video files, then it clearly means that the MP4 file is incomplete or has been corrupted. So in order to repair incomplete MP4 file, you have to first transfer it to your Mac machine and then try repairing it using video repair software. But before you start repairing MP4 file, it is necessary to know some of the causes that may corrupt and leave your MP4 files in incomplete state as listed below:

Why you should choose MP4 file repair software?

When MP4 files refuses to open and shows errors, then you have to assume that MP4 files are in corrupt or incomplete format due to issues mentioned above. So in such situations, you have to prefer MOV and MP4 Video repair software from Yodot, which is well known software to solve the issues regarding MP4 or MOV file corruption. It will successfully repair incomplete, partial or corrupted MP4 video files with ease. You can fix damaged MP4 and MOV files which aren't capable to play on Quick Time Player. This software works successfully on Mac and Windows computer.

Steps to repair incomplete MP4 file

Suggestions to Follow:

  • Keep multiple copies of MP4 files which you feel is important
  • Don’t eject iPhone while transferring files to your Mac computer
  • Utilize good internet connection so that you don’t get any interruptions while downloading

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