How to Recover PST File When Scanpst Stuck At Phase 7 of 8?

When you face errors while accessing Outlook profile or come across situations where you cannot open Outlook and access personal folders then obviously you will run inbuilt repair utility provided by Microsoft. What would be your approach if Inbox Repair tool stuck during fixation? Go through this informative article and learn how to handle such instant, where Scanpst.exe throws an error instead of fixing the problem.

"I am running Scanpst.exe to fix my corrupted .pst file. But Scanpst stuck at phase 7 of 8 and keep giving me an error that states: “An error has occurred, which caused the scan to be stopped. No changes have been made to the scanned file”. I got the same result even after multiple attempts. Anyone have suggestions for the next step?”

Why Did Inbox Repair Tool Stuck at Phase 7 of 8?

There are 8 phases of fixing a PST file via Scanpst. In the seventh phase, Scanpst executes a scan of files and folders. The tool will not succeed if PST file is severely damaged/ corrupted. So it stops at the seventh phase and gives an error.

Generally, PST file structure will get affected due to oversize, sharing it via network, power outage, improper handling of Outlook application, damage to drive where the file is stored, faulty Add-ins, Outlook crash, malware etc. If the file is severely corrupted due to any of these reasons then, Inbox Repair tool can’t read that PST file. And, you will face Scanpst stuck at phase 7 of 8 problems.

So, How to Proceed Now?

Since Scanpst.exe works on original PST file during repair, chances are there that your file might get damage further. So, first backup the PST file carefully onto some other safe location. Try to run Scanpst.exe again (Not on the backup PST file).

If, Scanpst.exe freezes at phase 7 of 8 again and fail to complete the repair process, then try next technique.

As discussed earlier, because of severely corrupted PST file the situation arises where your Scanpst.exe hangs at Phase 7, performing the repair process. Hence, to overcome this issue, there is an excellent Outlook repair tool called Yodot Outlook PST Repair which makes easy for you to resolve Scanpst hangs on step 7 of 8 in a matter of minutes.

Why Yodot to Fix Scanpst Hangs at Phase 7 Error?

In many situations, Inbox Repair Tool can't help you in repairing PST file since the inbuilt tool can handle only small-scale damage/corruption. But, Yodot Outlook PST Repair software surely helps you to get PST file repaired even if the file is severely corrupted/broken or damaged. The program assists you in recovering corrupted PST when Scanpst fails to complete fixation and screens Outlook error OLMAPI32.dll, 0×80040116 etc. The utility can solve any issue of PST file in less span of time even when you are not aware of .pst file location or having multiple Outlook profiles.

Along with fixing PST file effectively, the application can also recover entire Outlook elements like emails, Contacts, Journals, Attachments, Tasks, Notes, Calendar Items, Sent Items, personal folders, etc. The tool fixes severely corrupted or damaged PST file without changing it even a single bit. It creates a new empty PST file, copies whole content from your affected PST, works on replicated .pst file and presents you a healthy PST file. You can run this software on all Windows computers to repair PST as well OST files created using any Outlook version.

How to Repair PST When Scanpst Stuck at Phase 7 Of 8?

Step 1: Click the Download Now button present here.

Step 2: Install Yodot Outlook PST Repair tool and run it.

Step 3: On the main screen, click on Open PST File option.

Select Open PST File

Step 4: Find and select the PST file (which Scanpst failing to fix) that you want to repair.

Select The PST File to Repair

Step 5: Choose Smart Scan and specify the location to save fixed PST.

Choose Smart Scan

Step 6: Click on Repair button to begin the file repair process. Verify the repaired PST file in summary window.

Note: You can make use of Find PST File option present on the main screen to select PST file if, you are not aware of the PST file location. In case, you have multiple Outlook profiles on the computer then go for Select Outlook Profile.

Handle with Care!

  • Never close Outlook application or system (if Outlook is in use) abruptly
  • Monitor your system regularly to avoid virus invasion

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