What is ScanPST?

If you are an Outlook user, then you might be familiar with the PST file. Microsoft Outlook stores all your email attachments along with other Outlook attributes like Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Journals, RSS feeds, Tasks etc. in a single file .pst.

And, your PST file may get corrupted or damaged due to a number of reasons, making your data present in it inaccessible.

Common Causes of PST File Corruption or Damage:

  • Failure of storage drive which holds the PST file
  • Network link problems
  • The presence of bad sectors where the PST file is stored
  • Network issues during remote access of a PST file
  • Power failure when accessing the PST file
  • Exiting the Outlook improperly
  • Faulty Outlook program
  • Wrong recovery procedure
  • Virus attack on a PST file
  • Sudden computer shutdown, without safely closing the Outlook

In case, the Outlook PST file gets corrupt or damaged due to any of the above or alike reasons, then you can use free inbuilt repair utility provided by Microsoft – ScanPST.exe, to resolve the problems with your PST file.

What is ScanPST?

The ScanPST is a free tool provided by Microsoft to fix issues in Outlook data file- .pst. ScanPST comes along with your Microsoft Office suite. This tool is perfectly developed to analyze all error messages which appear in Outlook and repair inconsistencies in the PST file.

So, you can use the Inbox Repair Tool- ScanPST to identify and repair the problems with your Outlook.

Advantages of ScanPST:

  • ScanPST can easily deal with low-level corruption issues in your Outlook
  • After the scan, this tool creates a report that tells how many items (errors) are fixed
  • This is a Ready-to-Use solution since the ScanPST tool is already installed on your computer along with Microsoft Outlook
  • Easy-to-Use interface of this repair toolkit enables even novice user to effortlessly fix issues in their PST files

How to Use ScanPST?

  • Close Outlook program and run ScanPST
  • Browse the Outlook file that you want to repair and click on the Start button
  • View detected errors and Repair them

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