How to Get Back Lost Photos Lost after File Transfer?

Photos hold the precious memory of you. It stores some of the best and unforgettable moments of your life. You can view and even share it with your friends and family. You don’t need to take the print of them, rather just store it in storage drive and view them on your computer. Good pictures sometimes convey message. It reminds you of all sweet memories that you have spent with your loved ones. So many users take special care in order to save the photos they have captured. Even though users are careful, they may unexpectedly lose or deleted their favorite pictures due to human faults or miss operations.

As a practical case, you were transferring few of photos from your memory card to computer via a card reader to save them on computer hard drive. But the moment you see the required folders on the computer screen, you pulled out memory card without using “Eject” option. When you loaded the card again you got an error message which stated that "The card that has inserted contains errors”. Now you may think what it is and why you are getting it?

This message indicates that something went wrong with the memory card so it is not allowing you to access files from it. So unless you fix issue with the memory card, it cannot be used again. To resolve the problem follow the steps given below:

  • Connect memory card to your computer
  • Go to 'My Computer' and then right-click the icon 'Removable disk'
  • Now choose 'Properties' and then 'Tools'
  • Under 'Error-Checking', click the tab 'Check Now'
  • A dialog box will appear, select 'Automatically Fix File System Errors' and then click 'Start'

This method will help you to solve the problem. But in case if it does not bring any benefit then you should format memory card in order to reuse it. However, formatting erases complete data stored on memory card and creates new file system. Likewise, there are other instances that could cause loss of photos during the file transfer process. They are:

  • Lack of memory space: Some of the photos go missing if your computer or external drive does not have sufficient memory space to store the photos that are transferred from memory card
  • Deletion of photos by antivirus software: If your picture is affected with virus, then antivirus software may scan and remove it while transferring
  • Interruptions: Sometimes transferring process gets interrupted as a result of power failure, sudden system turn off or improper removal of memory card, which causes loss of valuable pictures that are being transferred
  • Other facts: Incorrect use of “CUT” and “PASTE” commands to transfer photos from memory card to computer may lead to loss of images

It is possible to retrieve pictures lost during transferring?

There is no need to worry much when you lost pictures and don’t have backup copy of your important data, because as said earlier you have to make use of any good photo recovery software to bring your photos back from memory card or other storage drive where images were stored initially. But for all your questions that usually arise when you face data loss situation, Yodot Photo Recovery tool is the available option to rescue your photos.

This risk-free software can recover photos lost from memory cards or other storage media like hard drives, external hard disks, USB drives, iPods, etc while transferring data. It supports recovery of all media file types such as generic photos, RAW images, video files, music files, etc from storage devices. By utilizing the trial version of this tool, you can have clear preview of your recovered photos so that you can know whether your pictures are recoverable or not.

Working of the software

  • Disconnect memory card from your camera or other storage device and attach it to your computer by making use of a card reader
  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software into your computer
  • Run the software and begin the recovery by following the steps displayed on the screen
  • You will find two option namely “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo recovery” on the main window
  • Choose the option “Lost Photo Recovery” to continue
  • On the next screen all the drives present in your computer will be displayed
  • Mark on the drive that represents memory card and proceed further by clicking on “Next”
  • Permit the scanning to complete and then choose the photos which you want to recover from the memory card
  • Preview your photos to ensure that you have chosen right one to recover
  • Choose the location to save recovered files, it should be different from the one from where you are recovering

Helpful Tips

  • Make sure that you don’t remove memory card from computer while transfer process is in progress
  • It is good to use “Copy” option while transferring data instead of cut and paste commands
  • Do not use your memory card in different devices because antivirus software may scan it and remove files containing viruses during the process of transmission