Best Way to Repair AVI Files on Mac OS X

AVI is one of the most popular and widely used video file format among MPEG, MP4, AVI, FLV and many video files. AVI has been short termed for Audio Video Interleaved and this was the multimedia format that was introduced by Microsoft during 1992. These AVI files can be played using different media players that are available. Sometimes due to uncertainties or as a result of some faults in media player the AVI file gets corrupted. The damaged AVI video files usually post a lot of problems like faulty playback, file being inaccessible etc. Repairing such types of AVI file can annoy you as they sometimes end up further being more damaged.

So, now that your AVI file has been corrupted you cannot access the files or view its video content. There is no need to get worried! This is not the end to your AVI file. Your corrupted file can be repaired and accessed by using the services of this AVI repair utility. Before knowing on how to repair damaged AVI files, let us look at the scenarios that might corrupt and makes AVI files unplayable.

Virus infection is one of the major reasons that cause damage to the contents of your AVI file. These viruses are nothing but infectious programs that get access in to your computer while you are browsing internet or when transferring files from already infected systems. Your AVI files become unplayable as virus corrupts its file system.

Power Surge will also cause damage to your AVI files. Sudden turn off of the system while you’re AVI files is being played by using some third party applications causes damage due which they become unreadable. Additionally, hard drive may contain bad sectors; however this is not the problem. Increase in the number of bad sectors on hard drive may corrupt AVI files saved on it and leaves them inaccessible to the user.

AVI repair utility for Mac:

Yodot AVI Repair is a wonderful repair utility, this product has its aim on repairing your AVI files that have been corrupted as result of various reasons that are mentioned above. AVI files that are truncated or broken due to the use of incompatible third party applications are easily repaired in less amount of time. AVI Repair utility has been built up with most powerful scanning engines that will allow fixing and getting back the contents of your AVI files without making it further more damaged. It has been presented in an organized layout with all the options sorted in an orderly way. It also supports repairing of videos which have been recorded from different camcorders and other gadgets. The repair process gets in no time and the user can easily preview those files before they can be saved to the respective destination location. Moreover, this utility is expert in fixing audio video sync problems in AVI, AVI files with no sound, corrupt AVI index, codec error, and other errors with ease.

Here are simple steps to repair your AVI files on Mac system:

  • The first thing to do is that you must be logged in as local system Administrator to install the software
  • Download and install the application in your system from the link that has been provided to you
  • Once the installation process gets completed you can launch the tool from the icon that is provided in the desktop
  • In the main screen of the product you will find Browse and Repair buttons
  • Click on Browse button that will help you to select the AVI file that is damaged
  • After selecting it click on Repair button that will begin to the scanning process
  • On the completion of the scanning process you can preview the files before saving them on the desired destination location


  • Save your AVI files on another hard drive which would be a good source of backup
  • Install antivirus application in your Mac system so that there is no virus infection
  • Avoid opening your AVI files with unknown third party applications that may damage it