Why Can’t I Play Old AVI Files?

“Hi, long back I had saved several .avi files on my computer. Today I tried to open them since I need to add those videos in my research work. But those AVI videos are not playing in QuickTime player. At the time when I saved them, they were playing without any issue. How come they are not opening now? How can I make them playable again? Please guide me”.

QuickTime Player is capable of creating, playing, editing, and sharing many media file formats. Even though it can convert and open certain old file formats that it cannot play directly, some old audio/video files or specific media file formats may need different software/program to play them. And hence QuickTime Player might not be able to read them.

If QuickTime fails to play your old AVI files, then with help of file extension of your old AVI file, find other (third-party) media player, which supports and plays old videos. Also try to play old AVI files on other systems.

If you cannot play your old AVI files even after these troubleshooting then you must think over other possibilities. Since you had saved those unreadable .avi files long ago, they might have undergone various factors like damage, corruption or the file might have broken due to several reasons like improper usage and transfer, unexpected system shutdown while file is in use, closing player abruptly, power outage etc. As an outcome, those old AVI videos might not be playing. So you need to utilize some reliable additional software like Yodot AVI Repair to make them playable without any issue.

Utmost utility to play old AVI file:

Yodot AVI Repair program can surely help you in playing old AVI videos since it can efficiently fix corrupt AVI files that are damaged or broken under any circumstances. The tool effortlessly repairs AVI, XVID and DIVX files on Windows as well as Mac operated systems of almost all versions. The pertinent software aids in fixing AVI files that are produced by famous DSLR cameras or camcorder of all major brands like. The utility is supportive to fix old AVI files, which are present on system hard drive, external drive, media card, flash drive, iPod, and many storage devices. Trouble-free and user auxiliary GUI of program can assist you to repair video files in quick and simple steps. After fixation you can ensure AVI video through preview facility provided in tool. You will not experience any difficulty/dilemma during fixation of old AVI files since you are free to contact the most efficient and admiring technical team at any time. Yodot not only guides you in solving AVI files issue but it also helps you in fixing corrupted MP4 video files and damaged MOV videos with much ease.

Here is a way to play old AVI videos:

  • Run Yodot AVI Repair program using Download Now button
  • Click on Browse or Open button and select old AVI file
  • Start fixation process using Repair button
  • Play and verify AVI file by clicking on Preview or Preview repaired file tabs
  • Save healthy AVI video on secure location

Useful note:

  • Save multiple copies of vital AVI files on external devices as well as on computer
  • Install required codec for media players to avoid issues in playing videos/audios