Resolve HyperCam 2 Error Opening AVI Video File

“Hi, I use HyperCam 2 program on my Windows PC to record screenshots in AVI video format. But, recently, HyperCam crashed while recording and this has resulted in AVI video corruption. When I click to open or play the video on HyperCam 2, a message pops up showing ‘Error opening AVI file’. Does anybody know how to fix HyperCam 2 error opening AVI file without any trouble. Please help me by suggesting appropriate method to resolve this error. Thanks in advance.”

HyperCam 2 is a software interface on which user can capture video of cursor movements on screen required to accomplish any task on system. This software records screenshots and saves it as AVI video along with sounds. So, one can create tutorial videos for required tasks using HyperCam 2 program. Unfortunately, the complex options in this interface has lead to inaccessibility of recorded AVI file either by depleting audio /image quality or by making it corrupt.

AVI file on HyperCam 2 can display error on opening due to reasons as given below:

  • HyperCam 2 malfunctioning is one of the prime factor that results in error opening AVI file
  • Using incorrect Codec on HyperCam 2 can cause issues with AVI file like Out-of-sync, no sound, etc.
  • Making use of unregistered version HyperCam 2 can sometimes result in corrupting recorded AVI file by creating fake file with extension “filename.avi.bak” that refuses to play
  • Other times incorrect installation of application, abrupt closing of tool while recording AVI file on it, malware intrusion, bad sectors on memory location where AVI file is saved, etc. can all result in same

In the above instances, one might lose access to important AVI videos captured on HyperCam 2 program. But, such error opening or damaged AVI videos on HyperCam 2 can be made playable again by repairing them using reliable AVI video repair utility. There are many AVI repair tools available online to resolve error opening HyperCam 2 AVI files. One of the most recommended and proficient tool is given below.

HyperCam 2 error opening AVI File repair:

Yodot AVI Repair is the effective software to repair error opening as well as corrupted AVI videos on HyperCam 2 with extreme ease. The software is built with amazing read-only repair algorithms that demises all issues of an AVI file and fixes it without altering the file contents. User can employ this tool to fix incomplete, error showing and unplayable AVI videos created on gadgets like digital cameras, video recorders, iPod and many others. Apart from AVI, the software can also fix issues with DivX and XviD video file formats from various storage devices. This repair utility can be used on various computers/notebooks working on Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Procedural steps to fix error showing AVI file on HyperCam 2:

  • Download this AVI file repair software on a Windows computer where HyperCam 2 created AVI file resides
  • Install the software on system and launch it successfully
  • In main screen, you need to click on browse button in order to choose error showing AVI video
  • After selecting required AVI file, click on Repair button
  • Software performs a scan and fixes all issues related to selected AVI video file within flash of seconds
  • Then, repaired AVI file will be displayed on the window along with its file description
  • Save this fixed AVI file to desired destination location for further access

Points to keep in mind:

  • Do not use unregistered HyperCam 2 program for long time; get the registered program
  • Avoid terminating HyperCam 2 program or system abruptly during AVI video recording
  • Backup necessary AVI files safely to avoid file corruption and other unexpected disasters