How to Fix Recovered AVI Files?

“I had saved many AVI video files on my desktop and recently while deleting few unwanted video files I accidentally erased important AVI videos. However, I restored back the files by recovery options but, the recovered AVI files are incomplete and not playing now. How to fix this problem and make AVI files to play again?”

AVI file is a popular video file format that consists of separate audio and video streams in a single file, hence the name Audio Video Interleave (AVI). These video files, introduced by Microsoft are playable in VLC media player, Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc. on Windows as well as Mac systems. However, as mentioned in the above situation, these AVI files can get corrupt that result in inaccessibility of the file.

How can a recovered AVI file reject to play?

When AVI videos are lost on systems, users go for third party video recovery products to get back these AVI files. And making use of unsecured tools might affect the AVI file structure during recovery process and thus video files get corrupt and reject to play after recovery. Sometimes, even though users make use of secured and safe recovery tool, occurrence of errors during recovery process might result in broken AVI video file. Not only AVI, if recovered DIVX, XVID, MOV, M4V and recovered MP4 file is corrupted or rejects to play then this can be due to the above given reasons.

Other reasons behind AVI file corruption / damage are:

AVI files can get corrupt due to virus infection, malfunctioning of media player, CRC errors and due to AVI file header corruption. Also, incomplete or errors during file transfer / download such as power surge to the system; termination of media player when video is playing, etc. can corrupt AVI files and make them unplayable.

Thus, if broken AVI videos are tried to open or play, error message gets displayed stating that the video file cannot be played. In such situations, one of the best approaches to solve the issue is to repair the affected AVI file using excellent AVI repair tool.

Mend AVI files after recovery:

Yodot AVI Repair is one of the ultimate repair tools that you can rely upon to fix unplayable AVI files. This software can mend AVI videos that are corrupt after the use of recovery tool. You can fix damaged AVI file due to CRC errors, header corruption, etc. with ease. The tool can also repair various other video files such as XVID, MOV, M4V, etc. on Windows system.

Working procedure to mend restored AVI files on Windows OS:

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair tool onto your Windows system in which damaged AVI file resides
  • Install and run the utility by following ongoing steps
  • In the main screen browse and select for the video file that has to be repaired using “Browse” option
  • After selecting required AVI file, click on “Repair” button
  • The tool starts to repair the file and its status will be shown in status bar window
  • Once repair process gets complete you will be able to preview AVI file contents
  • And, now select a desired location to store repaired AVI file and click “Save”

Things to Remember:

  • Use efficient and safe recovery tool to restore lost or erased AVI videos
  • Do not save repaired AVI file to the same old location where the damaged file resided