Recover Music From iPod Without iTunes

“I have connected iPod to my computer to move a few music files. I did not want those files to get copied to iTunes so I enabled ‘Disk mode’ so that I can copy them to any location on my Mac computer. But at the time of moving music files, iPod suddenly hanged and did not give a positive response even after waiting for a long time. So I have canceled the transfer process and shut down iPod. After restarting iPod, I thought of transferring those music files once again. But those songs were missing from my iPod. Has anyone undergone this type of situation and overcome it? If yes, then please let me know the procedure to get back my songs from iPod.”

If you are facing the same kind of issue don't worry this article helps you in fixing the issue with ease.

iPod is great digital gadget for storing and playing music as well as videos. When it comes anything related to iPod, iTunes is the application that most of the users inquire about. One may use it to copy media files to Mac computer, configure the device, sync and update the device and at the same time to create backup of important files like photos, videos, music etc. However, few users are not aware of its functionality and wish to use their iPod without iTunes.

Using iPod without iTunes is very easy; just enable “Disk Mode” on your iPod and you can use it without iTunes. When you enable “Disk Mode”, iPod just acts as an external storage device and does not sync to iTunes whenever you connect it to your Mac computer. But as explained in the above scenario, one might lose their music files from iPod without iTunes. Although, it is heartbreaking to lose favorite collections of songs, it is possible to restore them by utilizing apt iPod file recovery software.

How Do I Transfer Music From iPod to computer without Itunes?

To access the PC, open the start menu.

How to Recover and Access Music From iPod without iTunes?

Method 1: Recover Music from iPod using cloud service

As long as your files are within the limit, you can put music on your iPod without iTunes wirelessly for free.

cloud-based file-sharing services such as Dropbox do a great job to get music onto your iPod. You can put music on your iPod without iTunes as long as your music files are within the limit. Let's check out how to copy music from iPod to PC without iTunes using Dropbox.

Method 2: How to Get Music off iPod to computer without iTunes Directly

Follow the below steps to get the songs off iPod without iTunes Directly

Method 3: Retrieve songs from iPod without iTunes Using Yodot Mac File Recovery

Yodot Mac File Recovery software which is famous for recovering files from different storage devices also has the potential to get back music from iPod without iTunes. Yodot Mac File Recovery software is designed as a read-only mode that recovers music from the iPod without causing any damage. You can recover music from your iPod with just a few clicks.

Steps to regain music from iPod using Yodot:

Tips to backup music from iPod without iTunes:

  • Take a backup of important files and then enable “disk mode” if you do not wish to sync your music to iTunes on your Mac computer.
  • Do not copy songs to a Mac computer when there is continuous fluctuation in power.

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