How to Recover Photos from iPod Nano?

“Hi All, I have lost recently saved photos from my iPod Nano when syncing photos to iPod from iPhoto on my Mac. Actually, while syncing images to my iPod, the process took a very long time and couldn’t reach an end. At last, I think it froze and I ejected iPod. I think such forcefully ejection of the iPod Nano has interrupted the photo syncing process as a result photos have gone missing from it. How can I get them back? Please help me in recovering pictures from my iPod Nano.”

Just relax! The deleted photos are still on your iPod Nano. The system has just marked them as inaccessible data. Only if new data on your iPod Nano overwrites them will they be permanently lost If you want to recover deleted photos from iPod Nano, you must stop using it immediately. You can then search the internet for useful iPod Nano photo recovery software.

What Are The Reasons For Photo Loss From iPod Nano?

How To Recover Deleted Photos from iPod?

Solution 1: Recover Photos From iPod Using iTunes Backup

If you have a backup of the photos in the recent iTunes backup, follow the steps mentioned below to recover your backuped photos from iPod.

If you don’t have a backup and still want to recover the deleted photos from the iPod, you can recover deleted photos from iPod Nano by using yodot photo recovery software in just a few clicks.

Solution 2: Recover Deleted Photos From iPod Nano Using Yodot

File Recovery Image

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the best choice for retrieving pictures from iPod Nano. It has a pretty cool interface with powerful scanning features to assist safe and quick picture recovery from iPod Nano after accidental photo deletion, iPod crash, iPod freeze, factory reset, update failure, formatting, and other data loss accidents. In addition, you can rely on this tool to recover lost music after iTunes upgrade or sync errors. Moreover, to avoid overwriting on lost files, the software prevents you from saving the rescued images back to the same drive from which you are recovering images.

Steps to Recover Photos From iPod Nano:

Tips to Avoid losing Photos from iPod Nano

  • Always keep additional copies of your favorite pictures from iPod Nano to other storage devices.
  • Never pull out your iPod Nano from a PC or Mac system when transferring or copying photos.
  • Keep your iPod Nano protected from deadly viruses or malware with a powerful anti-virus program.

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