How to Recover Photos from iPod Nano?

“Hi All, I have lost recently saved photos from my iPod Nano when syncing photos to iPod from iPhoto on my Mac. Actually while syncing images to my iPod, process took very long time and couldn’t reach to an end. At last, I think it froze and I ejected iPod. I think such forcefully ejection of iPod Nano has interrupted photo syncing process as a result photos gone missing from it. How can I get them back? Please help me in recovering pictures from my iPod Nano.”

By introducing iPod Nano, Apple has offered new means of joy to its users. With iPod Nano, you get advanced video recorder and photo viewer along with powerful music player. This iPod Nano supports all popular image file types like JPG 2000, PICT, SGI, PNG, BMP, GIF etc. However, due to certain mistakes and errors, photo loss could easily take place in your iPod Nano device after that you need right guidance to get them back. This article will demonstrate you basic steps of picture recovery from iPod Nano after any type photo loss crisis. So, just keep reading and get the best solution to retrieve your favorite pictures from your iPod Nano.

What are the reasons for photo loss?

  • Photos from iPod Nano could be lost after failed syncing of images from iPhoto to your iPod Nano on Mac machine
  • Pictures on iPod Nano may go invisible or erased because of software update failure issues or iPod Nano file system corruption
  • Due to bad performance or corruption issues, user may reset iPod to the factory settings as a result photo loss happens
  • Human mistakes like abrupt ejection, accidental deletion, power failure when copying, managing or viewing images on iPod Nano
  • Pictures on iPod Nano may get erased or lost due to the malicious action of viruses or malwares

Photo recovery software for iPod Nano:

One can go for Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the best choice for retrieving pictures from iPod Nano. It has pretty cool interface with powerful scanning features to assist safe and quick picture recovery from iPod Nano after accidental photo deletion, iPod crash, iPod freeze, factory reset, update failure, formatting and other data loss accidents. In addition, you can rely on this tool to recover lost music after iTunes upgrade or sync errors. With this app, user can restore pictures, videos, music files, podcasts and other data from iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle and iPod Mini; pen drives, portable hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks and other devices. This software performs fastest image recovery from iPod Nano on computers running with Mac OS X 10.5 and its above versions. Moreover, you can download its Windows photo recovery version to retrieve pictures from iPod Nano after failed syncing of images from Adobe Photoshop album to your iPod.

Basic steps to restore pictures from iPod Nano:

  • Plug your iPod Nano device to your Mac computer or laptop via USB cable
  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application and install it successfully
  • Launch the installed software to get the main screen to initiate photo recovery from iPod Nano
  • In main wizard, switch to any one option between “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” to retrieve pictures
  • Then software scans your Mac computer and provides a list of all the internal and external volumes, select volume representing iPod Nano and click “Next” option
  • iPod Nano device will be scanned for all available pictures which were present before data loss
  • After the scanning is completed, the software will display all recovered files from iPod Nano
  • Choose any image file and click on Preview option to take a view before you save that file
  • Finally, save retrieved photos to desired storage location on your Mac hard drive, but not to that iPod Nano device

Points to Remember!

  • Always keep additional copies of your favorite pictures from iPod Nano to other storage devices
  • Never pull out your iPod Nano from PC or Mac system when transferring or copying photos
  • Keep your iPod Nano protected from deadly viruses or malwares with powerful anti-virus program

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