Get Data When iPod Says No Files but Memory is Full

“I have an iPod Classic which I bought just a year ago. I use the iPod almost exclusively connected to the aux input of a car stereo rather than headphones. I normally charge it via USB of the same car stereo. Every now and then, the iPod freezes. It freezes particularly when plugging or unplugging it for charging via stereo. I simply reboot it and then it will be fine. Yesterday, I plugged the iPod to my MacBook Pro to transfer some files. When I finished, I ejected the iPod. Instead of displaying music screen, iPod rebooted itself. As I mentioned above, it was not new thing I experienced with my iPod, so I was not worried. But after it powered on, it shows no music! It appeared to be empty. But showing memory as full! Unfortunately I don’t have backup of iPod data. This is a total disaster. Now I don’t know what to do; can somebody please suggest how to restore my data from iPod?”

IPod turning into a crucial day-to-day gadget for family and even in corporate world; hence more people are storing music, songs and other files on their iPod. Due to this, iPod memory gets filled up and it may state no music message when you try to open any music files on it; even its memory is occupied completely.

If you are experiencing this type of a typical message then it might be an indication that device is corrupted so files cannot be accessed. There are some specific reasons which are responsible for the iPod corruption. In those, few are discussed here:

If you have backup copy of your files either on hard drive or in iTunes then you can restore files on your iPod. But what if you don’t have either of them? Still there is no need to bother, as it is now possible to recover your files from iPod that shows no music even its memory is filled. Get ready to restore your music files from iPod using Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application in an effective way.

Retrieve your music from iPod with the help of Yodot:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software is the appropriate application to get back your audio files from iPod, when it displays no music but memory is full error message. Apart from music, this tool helps you in retrieving photos, RAW images, videos and other files from your iPod. It also assists you to regain access to data when iTunes doesn't recognize iPod on a Macintosh machine or on a Windows computer. This utility has inbuilt powerful mechanism that performs profound scanning of your iPod device to discover file types and later restores music using their unique file extension. It also effectively restores deleted or lost iPod media files due to sync error or recovery mode error. Including latest version of Mac OS El Capitan, software is compatible on all versions of Mac operating systems and can recover media files from iPod Classic, Mini, Shuffle and Nano. This professional iPod data recovery software helps you in restoring data from iPod in a very safe and secure way. The software is premeditated to make retrieval of iPod data easier even for neophyte computer user. Even when SD card shows full but no files this utility is of great help to achieve data restoration. More to this, media files from hard drive, MP3 players, flash memory and other storage solutions can be retrieved on an easy note.

Steps to retrieve music files from iPod:


  • Maintain regular backup of iPod data on hard drive as well as on iTunes
  • Safe guard your iPod from corruption

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