How to Resolve MP4 File Errors?

“I recorded a large video file on my camcorder that saved the movie file with .mp4 file format on camcorder’s storage media. Later I connected this handycam to my PC in order to play the video in Windows Media player. I opted to move the file using Cut - Paste operation, but the process got dismissed in between due to power loss. Thus, the MP4 video file got corrupt and whenever I click to play the video, error message gets displayed saying, invalid file format. Can somebody tell me how to resolve this error with my MP4 video file? Thanks in advance.”

MP4 video is a container file format holding two separate streams for audio and video data. Movie file with .mp4 file extension produces superior image quality and excellent HD effect. These video files can be played in numerous multimedia players on both Mac and Windows platforms. But, there are times in which recorded or purchased MP4 video files becomes unresponsive by throwing error messages like,

  • File not found
  • Error-2048 couldn’t open the file .mp4
  • File format error
  • MP4 file Out of Sync and so on

There are various reasons that can trigger the above mentioned errors while playing MP4 video files. The most common reason is MP4 file getting corrupted or damaged under scenarios like:

  • Errors while recording MP4 video on digital camera, iPhone, Camcorder and other digital gadgets
  • Incomplete download or transfer of important MP4 video over network
  • Intrusion of malicious spyware or internet threats
  • MP4 file header / footer damage due to incorrect converting process or editing the file on unreliable Video editing tools
  • Abrupt system termination or memory device removal from gadgets while playing any MP4 video can severely damage that video file
  • Usage of improper Codec to play the MP4 file on any particular multimedia player
  • Other software conflicts like malfunctioning of media player, influence by bad media spots on storage media and so on

When MP4 video files show varieties of errors and refuse to play, then the user might lose valuable information residing in that video file. Nevertheless, this critical situation can be handled easily by employing good video repair tool.

Proficient MP4 video file error repair tool:

Users are afforded with comprehensive repair tools available on internet to repair MP4 video file errors. One among these is Yodot MOV Repair tool, as it is built with excellent repair strategies. This utility performs read-only repair process on error showing MP4 files without altering any data bits of the video file. Photobooth video files playing without sound, video files playing without video, video files error 2048 & 2041 error in QuickTime, etc. can also be fixed with this software. Along with MP4 file, the software can also mend corrupted MOV and M4V video files with extreme ease. One can make use of this program in order to fix MP4 video files created on iPhones, iPods, camcorders, digital cameras and other gadgets. Also, the software is available in two versions to support its working on both Windows and Mac OS X computers. So, just download the software and easily fix the errors of MP4 in short time.

Follow these steps to fix MP4 file errors:

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair tool on a Windows computer
  • Install and run the utility by executing given instructions
  • In main screen, click on Browse button to choose required erroneous MP4 video file
  • After choosing the file to be repaired click on Repair button
  • Software consumes few seconds to scan and fix the errors of chosen MP4 video file
  • Later, view the details of fixed MP4 file using Preview option
  • At last, specify a target location on system drive and save this fixed MP4 video file

Precautionary Note:

  • While playing any MP4 video do not terminate the gadget or system
  • Use reliable antivirus tool to keep harmful viruses away from MP4 files
  • Do not record MP4 videos when the gadget is running out of power supply
  • Have secure backup of important MP4 videos on multiple storage devices

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