Repair MPEG 4 File on Mac

MPEG 4 is a file format, commonly used to save media types acronym by ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group. MPEG 4 files absorbs advanced features of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 related standards. MPEG file is also called as audio or video file format which is commonly used around the world to save video files. MPEG 4 allows each streaming over internet with variable frame and bit rates, multiplexing multiple video and audio stream in one file. However, MPEG 4 files may get corrupted or inaccessible due to many reasons on Mac system. Let us consider a scenario; most often you might share your compressed MPEG 4 files with friends. At such situations, occurrence of any error during compression can damage the file severely on Mac machine. Now, if you try to open your MPEG 4 file on Mac it will refuse to open. This issue will put you in dilemma, because the corrupted files may be your one of the unforgettable videos.

MPEG 4 files can also get corrupted due to the below listed causes:

  • Occurrence of any disturbance while transferring MPEG 4 video files from Mac hard drive to another drive will corrupt the file
  • If MPEG 4 files are downloaded from insecure online sites then chances of video file damage is more
  • In case you are converting MPEG 4 file to any other format on Mac desktop, you should use proper conversion process. Otherwise your file gets corrupted
  • When MPEG 4 file is being played, accidentally shutting down your Mac system due to unknown reason will lead to file corruption
  • If any info go missing from header files, then those MPEG 4 files cannot be recognized by any media player and in turn it cannot access that file

Salient features of Yodot MOV Repair:

In order to fix MPEG 4 files without losing any data, it is recommended to use MPEG 4 repair tool. Yodot MOV repair tool is an application developed by experts to fix MPEG 4 file on Mac computer. It helps to repair highly damaged or corrupted MPEG 4 video file and even fixes password protected MPEG 4 video files effectively. Addition to damaged files, it has ability to fix errors MP4 not a movie file error, MOV file not recognized error, MP4 not found error, etc. This tool extracts audio and video streams from damaged MPEG 4 video file during repair process and joins them later to make it work again. Along with MPEG 4 files, it is designed with advanced technique to mend damaged MP4, MOV, MPEG and M4V files in less time. It also repairs MPEG 4 video files from hard drive, flash drives, external hard drive, memory card, iPods, etc. This software works in all computers running with Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite operating system.

Procedure to repair MPEG 4 file Mac:

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair app and install it to your Mac desktop
  • Launch installed software and proceed further as per specified instructions
  • Browse for MPEG 4 files, which has to be fixed
  • After that the user need to select healthy MPEG 4 file as applicable
  • Then click on “Repair” option to initiate the repair procedure
  • You can verify MP4 file repair status by viewing the progress bar
  • When repair process gets over, application displays details of repaired MP4 file along with preview option
  • Preview repaired MPEG file to check its quality
  • Finally, save repaired MPEG 4 file to your desired destination location on Mac computer or any other storage devices

Important Points:

  • Always keep back up of your important MPEG 4 files on reliable storage devices
  • Use proper conversion technique to successfully convert MPEG 4 file