What to Do When IPhoto Detected Inconsistencies in Your Library?

“I was recently gone to erase and restore my MacBook disk. I successfully erased it and reinstalled OS X Yosemite 10.10.3, then restored the disk data from Time Machine backup. Everything seemed to work fine except my Photos Library. Before the erase and restore, it did work correctly. Now, it says that the library has some inconsistencies that must be repaired. I attempted to repair the library but it didn’t work at all. It just notifies that library could not be opened. I'm not getting how to fix it".

This indeed sounds like a serious error with iPhoto that each time you try to open it says - "iPhoto has detected inconsistencies in your library. Click repair to avoid problems". Proceeding with repair option may not work at all, it just takes time forever to fix and simply hangs up. So, major area of concern here is about the library collections in the iPhoto library. It is because this kind of problems with iPhoto application will make any media stuffs present in iPhoto to remain completely inaccessible.

Reason: The trouble generally arises when iPhoto program is updated or reinstalled. Also when Mac is upgraded/re-installed to it’s higher versions. It might prove a bit difficult to determine- what exactly is the matter that leads to inconsistency of iPhoto. But the actual issue revolves around user- permissions. Other internal issues and software conflicts will also result such behaviors.

Are all iPhoto library files safe with facing inconsistency?

Users come across this question especially when iPhoto files are not backed up. You can still continue to backup by selecting items in library folder and hold Command + D keys. This will create a duplicate copy of files that you choose. By this way you can protect files from further problems until you are done with repairing iPhoto inconsistencies. Here are some fixation measures listed to cope up with iPhoto inconsistencies issue.

#Method 1:

#Method 2:

Another way to deal with this iPhoto issue is by rebuilding iPhoto library. Make sure that you have successfully backed-up data before heading to this approach.

Repairing user permissions will ultimately repair all inconsistencies appeared in iPhoto. In case, if something goes wrong in-between then you can create a new iPhoto library and restore all backed files. But, what if you are unable to backup iPhoto files due to iPhoto inconsistencies error? At those situations, to get rid of file loss and fetching trouble one can simply rely on Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool. This will help you to safely restore all your iPhoto collections with ease. You can first finish recovering media data and then re-install iPhoto application on your Macintosh.

Software to retrieve iPhoto Library:

This is an amazing application that makes recovery task much easier than any other approach. Yodot serves to be one fine solution when iPhoto pictures missing after import or facing any accidental deletion scenarios. Another notable thing is that it even supports all types of external storage devices like Pen drives, memory cards, external hard drives, flash drives, iPods and other secondary storage devices. There is no restriction over the file types that Yodot tool can retrieve; all images, videos, audio, RAW digital images etc. can be smoothly extracted. The application runs on all versions of Mac OS X - Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard.

Simple series of steps to regain iPhoto media collection:

Notable points

  • It is always recommended to take a timely backup of all essential iPhoto files on your system
  • Safely carry out iPhoto and system updates

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