Why Did All of My Albums Disappear From IPhoto?

We come across numerous unexpected circumstances in our day-to-day life. Technology is not exempted in this matter. Here is one such unforeseen incident experienced by iPhoto user.

“I don’t know how it happened but somehow I have lost albums from iPhoto application on my Mac machine. I cannot import all these disappeared albums again, since I had created those files using a camera and I have no backup copy of it. So am desperately seeking ways to restore my lost albums as they are much important for me. Any assistance would be greatly helpful. Many thanks in advance”

It happens that sometimes we lose our vital files, folders, photos etc without our knowledge due to numerous reasons. Here in above scenario user might have updated iPhoto application or OS X. As a result albums might be missing from iPhoto.

So here are two ways to restore all missing albums from iPhoto library.

1. Create new library

2. Employ safe recovery program to recover all lost albums

You can manually accomplish first method by following step by step instructions provided in next part of the editorial. But if anything goes wrong or errors arise in mid of the process leads to permanent data loss. So it is wiser to safeguard your iPhoto data first using a reliable and efficient retrieving tool like Yodot Mac Photo Recovery and try out next possible troubleshooting. Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool recovers photos from corrupted iPhoto Library and also recovers deleted/lost photos from the library with ease.

1. Work from square one:

This method creates a new iPhoto library with same Events. Check Events to see whether missing albums are there or not. If your lost albums are not present then you can delete this new library and go back to current library.

2. Recover lost albums from iPhoto:

If first method couldn’t help you to find iPhoto albums then rebuild iPhoto application to latest version and import these restored files.

How to rebuild IPhoto?

Why Yodot Mac Photo Recovery to restore iPhoto albums?

You might be wondering why I need to utilize Mac Photo Recovery although there are numerous recovery tools available online. So here is the answer. This program is built with read-only mechanism – so it neither damages your lost data nor modify/affects your system resource during recovery process. The program is multi device supportive – it can retrieve data from any storage spaces like internal hard disk, external drives, USB, pen drive, FireWire, media cards etc. The application is in tune with OS – you can run it on any version of Mac operating system. The utility is user- affable – even nontechnical user can easily use it since it has such a smart and handy interface. The software is multipurpose oriented – not only lost iPhoto files but also accidentally deleted photos on iMac, disappeared music on iTunes etc can be easily retrieved with the aid of this tool. Moreover, one can utilize this Photo Recovery tool to recover files from SD card that is not mounting on Mac systems after severe corruption to the SD card.

Valuable Tips:

  • Frequently backup iPhoto library files
  • Ensure before you update iPhoto application

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