How to Restore Photos Which IPhoto Library is Not Showing

“I had moved my iPhoto library to an external HD and it worked fine for months. One day when I was downloading pictures from my camera, suddenly all other images on my iPhoto disappeared. No photos are showing up in iPhoto. How do I make iPhoto to show my photos again? They are my precious photos and I don’t want to lose them. Kindly help me resolve this issue.”

Cause behind the problem:

Collection of pictures in iPhoto is more than just an iPhoto application. Your entire master pictures, thumbnails, preview version of images, information including how iPhoto application handle your pictures etc will be saved on a separate folder, which is in a wholly different location from main iPhoto application. At times when database record mixed up, it may give some abnormal output which actually doesn’t match with data stored in database. For example Illustrations like showing less number of photos than actual number, fail to give proper result for input and so on.

How to fix the issue:

Close iPhoto > hold option and command keys together > launch iPhoto application > opt for Repair Database and wait > then re-launch iPhoto and look for photos in the Events folders

If repairing database gives no result then you need to rebuild library to bring back iPhoto application into normal condition. But you need to think about your priceless photos. If you have a good backup of library file then you can easily restore it after completion of rebuild process. If not, you may lose your irreplaceable photo collection. So think wise and move further. But as for now, you need not to be worried. Yodot is at your help to give back your precious photos.

Suitable program to restore iPhoto library photos:

You can assuredly trust Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool to recover photos from iPhoto library when it is not showing up any pictures. Your iPhoto data will be 100% intact and secure as the software do not modify or damage any of your iPhoto information. The utility is absolutely built to evaluate your iPhoto library completely and accomplish restoration of lost, deleted and missing pictures. It is a consistent and authoritative program which aids you in recovering iPhoto photos which are disappeared because of any reasons. You can easily retrieve images from corrupt, damaged, non-working IPhoto library with the assistance of Yodot. Along with retrieving iPhoto library pictures, the software recovers other media files like audio and video. Apart from iPhoto library, Yodot can help you to effortlessly recover lost photos and videos of various file formats from all type of storage devices. The utility is compatible with all versions of Mac OS (10.5 and above) including EI Capitan.

Simple process to get back iPhoto images:

Valuable Tips:

  • Maintain proper backup of your irreplaceable photos and videos
  • Prevent iPhoto library from being corrupted

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