Regain Photos from Corrupted iPhoto Library

“I have saved more than thousand photos in iPhoto Library and I thought they will be safe in it. But today morning when I attempted to view those photos; I got an error message that ‘Couldn't load iPhoto library because an error occurred’.I have restarted my Mac computer assuming that the problem could get resolved, but it was stable. Does anyone tell me how to get my photos back from iPhoto?”.

iPhoto is an application designed especially for Mac OSX operating system; as the name indicates, it allows you to import your pictures from a digital camera or iPod and helps in tagging, sorting and organizing. But, sometimes when you click on iPhoto, you will get an error that stops you from accessing photo from it. Occasionally, iPhoto Library displays such error messages when it is corrupted. Many professional experts suggest you to rebuild iPhoto Library in order to repair it. But rebuilding iPhoto could result in losing photos present in it. However, if you know the right trick you will no longer have to fear that you have lost all your photos when you get an annoying error message from iPhoto. It can be accomplished by learning where those images are saved within your Mac computer. Follow below given method to get back photos from corrupted iPhoto Library.

Once you follow these steps rebuild iPhoto Library to repair it. However, if above method failed to work then downloading photo recovery software is the ideal way to get back your photos from iPhoto library.

Get Back Photos from corrupted iPhoto Library:

Mac Photo Recovery software facilitates an easy way to get back photos from corrupted iPhoto Library on your Mac based computer. By using this application you are not required to get worried about losing photos from iPhoto Library that displays error message. This program uses strong and powerful scanning algorithms which assist in recovering pictures from damaged iPhoto Library. In case you cannot find your photos even after scanning your Mac hard drive then it provides “Smart Scan” option which helps in restoring each and every photo from iPhoto Library. It also offers compatibility with various versions of Mac operating systems such as Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion Mountain Lion and Mavericks. With the assistance of this utility you can effortlessly recover photos when iPhoto library won't open.

Way to restore images from damaged iPhoto Library:

Important note:

  • Don't add, delete or change the file structure of your iPhoto library outside of iPhoto. It can corrupt your Photo Library making it inaccessible
  • Keeping backup of important photos is the best way to protect them from any unfavorable data loss and corruption situations

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