How to Retrieve Hidden Photos from iPhoto

iPhoto is digital data organizer and it is part of Apple Creative Apps suite such as iLife and its latest version is iPhoto 9.5. iPhoto is multiple purpose application, which offers library to store, sort, find and import photos in an efficient way. Along with providing storage room for media files, iPhoto allows Mac users to edit or manipulate photos with its diverse properties. Even, iPhoto users can hide their photos from unauthenticated access using “Hide” option.

In order to unhide hidden images in iPhoto you just click on “View” option, you will get drop down list and select “Hidden Photos” option. And from list, select your desired photos that you want to unhide. But, hidden iPhoto pictures are not secure at all times; there are few instances that lead to loss or deletion of hidden photos from iPhoto such as iPhoto library corruption due to application malfunction or logical errors, severe virus attack, accidentally deleting pictures while unhiding them, formatting Mac volume that contains iPhoto library, improper upgradation of iPhoto from older to version to latest one, etc.

However, lost and inaccessible hidden pictures from iPhoto are not permanently removed from the original memory space on Mac system. In previously stated data loss situations, when hidden photos are lost from iPhoto only file entries of those image files will be erased by marking their storage location as free even though data is still present on the same memory location. Therefore, stop saving new data on Mac system and make use of prominent photo recovery software to recover hidden photos from iPhoto.

Hidden photo recovery tool for iPhoto:

One of the simple procedures to get back hidden photos from iPhoto is provided by reliable image restoration application such as Yodot Mac Photo Recovery. This software is capable of restoring hidden photos from iPhoto Library under various critical data loss instances on Mac system. Including hidden photos, even you can successfully restore deleted videos from iPhoto along with audio files and RAW images. You can get back hidden or invisible photos and other media files from SD, SDHC, Micro SD, XD, CF, MMC and other memory card types by using this software. Also, this photo retrieval software is capable of recovering photos, videos, music and RAW images from Mac hard drive, external hard drives, flash cards, pen drive and other storage media on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems.

Step-by-step process to rescue hidden photos from iPhoto:

Necessary Tips:

  • Backup precious photos of iPhoto on safe external storage component
  • While changing any setting in iPhoto app make clear that you are going in correct path or take assistance from tech-savvy persons

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