How to Retrieve Disappeared Photos from iPhoto after Import?

Did your photos disappear from iPhoto application after importing? Are you searching for a solution to get back those disappeared images? Then you are at right place. This page will give an idea to restore your missing pictures from iPhoto on Mac.

Usually, photos may disappear from iPhoto after import due to below reasons:

However, you can find your disappeared image files by applying below techniques:


Open a new finder window (Note: in the finder menu bar make sure that under “view” option you have selected “Show path bar”) -> search for a photo name that was missed previously from iPhoto library(here when you find picture name, take the note of that picture location using path bar at the bottom of the Finder window)-> Then, press and hold the option key to open iPhoto-> Next, one dialogue box will display that will ask “Would you like to Create Library or Choose Library-> select “Choose Library” option and navigate to iPhoto Library location which you have noted earlier. Now your photos may appear as before.

Technique 2: Using Disk Utility

You can use Disk Utility to change the permission of the disk which is containing IPhoto Library and get your photos back. Here try to rebuild iPhoto Library by following below procedure:

Even after applying both of these techniques, if you are unable to retrieve lost pictures in iPhoto, it is recommended to apply Technique 3 mentioned below

Technique 3: Using third party tools

You can utilize professional software to get back your photos. There are many advanced tools to recover iPhoto library along with its photo files when it is lost or deleted.

Features of photo recovery tool:

This utility can successfully restore all digital photos which are disappeared from iPhoto. Apart from this, it can recover files disappeared from Mac system (like audio and video files). Addition to this, it helps to restore photos from other storage devices like camera memory, memory card, external hard drives, media player, etc. It can easily recover iPod after update or crash. Before restoration, you can preview and check the images whether they recovered properly or not. After retrieving photos, it allows you to save them on any kind of accessible devices. You can run this tool on all Mac versions like Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Yosemite. If you have any issue while recovering picture files, you can contact the same to 24/7 technical support team through mail or call.

Procedure to retrieve disappeared photos from iPhoto:


  • Before upgrading iPhoto application on Mac, take backup of entire picture files
  • Choose iPhoto version which is compatible with your Mac OS to avoid application crash issues in future

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