How to Retrieve Photos If I Can’t Open My IPhoto Library?

“All of a sudden I can't open iPhoto. The icon bounces around a couple of times and settles back on the Dock, but iPhoto Library remains inaccessible. I am unable to rectify this anomaly. I have lot of precious photos, videos on my iPhoto and I don’t want to lose them. Is there any way to resolve this issue? If so, please guide me to do it. Thanks in advance.”

Typical practice to fix any misbehaving application is to remove its preference file primarily. Now it is your iPhoto library which is not opening, so you need to remove .plist stored in your Home's Library folder. Hence go to Home > Library > Preferences and remove the Preference file (the name of these files will be "com.DeveloperName.ApplicationName.plist")

After that, if iPhoto still fails to open you can look into libraries or other supporting files which usually will be located at Home > Library > Application Support

If none of these techniques work, you need to either reinstall iPhoto or rebuild iPhoto library to make it run properly. You can restore files to it later from backup copy. But what if you don’t have backup? One will realize value of backup only when things go wrong. But losing years of special photos and videos stored in iPhoto is really a painful thing. As for now don’t be disappointed. Yodot is at your help.

Potent tool to retrieve data from non-working iPhoto library:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery program has ability to easily find iPhoto files on Mac. The application is capable of retrieving deleted / lost photos from iPhoto library. Through its unique potential, it aids you in restoring photos from corrupted, broken or damaged iPhoto library which is created on Mac computers and Notebook. Along with restoration of iPhoto images, it can also regain other media files such as songs, videos, Page Documents, Note and so on. Addition to iPhoto it retrieves files from from various storage devices such as hard disk, external hard drive, memory stick, memory card, iPod, USB drive, Fire Wire drive etc. on Macintosh computers. It is compatible with all versions of Mac OS X like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan. The robust utility lend a hand in recovering iTunes library after computer crash, corrupt iPhoto files, lost or deleted iTunes files and more. Smart and simple user-interface of the software makes data recovery easier even for non-novice user. Also you need not to worry regarding your data as the tool works on read-only mechanism.

Steps to retrieve iPhoto library data:

Helpful Tips:

  • Use Time Machine: an easy way to backup your iPhoto files
  • Maintain multiple backup copies of your vital files

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