Easy Ways to Fix Bad Quality Videos

A bad quality video can totally ruin your watching time or make it impossible to enjoy. Whether you're making videos or just watching them, nobody wants bad quality.

If your videos are shaky or grainy, then this article on "How to Fix Bad Quality Videos" can assist you in resolving the issue, with solutions from simple adjustments to repairing severely damaged videos. We've got you completely covered.

Written by Lucy John on April 30, 2024

In a world of 1080P and 4K resolutions, poor video quality is a big no-no. When you notice a video suffering a quality drop, there could be a handful of reasons like incorrect camera settings, poor resolution, bad compression, or wrong encoding, and other factors that resulted in low quality videos:

Several online video enhancers can fix blurry videos and other issues in your video files, restoring lost video quality. However, these tools often have file size limitations.

When the video file exceeds the online video repair limits then, Follow the solutions listed below to fix a bad quality video.

Quick Fixes to Improve Bad Quality Videos

If the device or application consists of any bugs or incompatibility issues that cause playback issues, choppy videos, or frame drops try the solutions below.

NOTE: However these solutions won't directly address issues like blurriness, low resolution, or corruption within the video file itself.

Update the Media Player

Updating the video player will help fix the glitches and have more efficient video decoding techniques that support smooth video playback.

Update the OS / Driver

Display driver updates or software updates can include new features related to video playback and processing.

To Update Display Driver: Open Device Manager > Expand Display Adapters > right-click and choose Update driver.

To Update OS: Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update > Download and Install (if updates available)

2 Ways To Fix Bad Quality Videos

1: Video Editing Software

As a first attempt, you would have tried video editing with the media player to improve the video quality of your video file. When those applications can’t improve the quality of your videos you will have to use professional video editing tools like Adobe Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro to fix the jerky, shaky, out-of-sync videos.

These tools offer stabilizing features, sharpening filters, and other color adjustment options that can enhance video quality and support footage from various devices such as GoPro cameras, CCTV systems, drones, and more.

Free video editing software such as DaVinci Resolve and iMovie can be used to fix grainy video files.

NOTE: Prior editing experience with editing tools can help you get the best results.

2: Video Repair Software

When video editing software or online video editors can't fix poor-quality videos, turning to a professional tool like Yodot Video Repair can be the solution. How does it work?

A professional video repair tool like Yodot Video Repair addresses issues like video file header problems, codec issues, or any other errors preventing the video file from playing. Additionally, it also restores the video quality of the repaired video file.

Unlike video editor applications, this tool features a very simple interface, so you won’t need any prior experience to fix the bad quality videos. This tool can repair truncated, out-of-sync, or pixelated videos in various file formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, and others from different devices such as iPhones, Android phones, etc.

Download and Install the software on your computer and Follow the steps below to increase the video quality of your videos:

Step 1: Launch the tool and click on Select File to choose the bad quality video.

launch the yodot video repair tool and choose bad quality video

Step 2: Click on Repair to begin the video Repair process.

repairing the video file

Step 3: After completing, preview the repaired video file’s quality and save it in your preferred location.

preview the repaired video file and save on the computer.


Now that you know how to fix bad quality videos, whether they're shaky, blurry, or pixelated, a little editing can breathe new life into your footage and ensure smooth playback for any project, personal or professional.

If you're a video content creator, video quality is a crucial aspect you should consider. To keep your future videos looking sharp, shoot them in good lighting and use high-quality settings on your camera. Additionally, if you're editing, be sure to back up your original videos before you start.

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