How to Repair MPEG 4 File?

“I shot a video on camera and that video got saved in .mpeg 4 file format. While recording the video, camera hanged number of times due to some logical problem. After sometime when I tried to play that video on camera, it was unplayable. Then I connected my camera to Windows system and tried to play MPEG 4 file in it, but it was of no use. Does anybody know how to fix corrupt MPEG 4 file on Windows computer? Thanks a lot.”

MPEG video files are based on MOV video file format. MPEG 4 is a video format utilized to save multimedia files namely video and audio and used to play video files on many electronic devices. These video format are widely used on both Mac and Windows platform. However, like other video file types, MPEG 4 files gets corrupt due to many reasons. If you are troubled by corruption of MPEG 4 files and need to fix it, then you are in perfect place.

MPEG 4 files can get corrupt due to following reasons:

  • MPEG 4 file header contains meta information of that file, if it gets corrupted then file becomes unplayable
  • MPEG 4 files may get corrupted when virus or some other threats infects that file
  • While downloading MPEG 4 file on internet if any interruption occurs like disconnection of network, incomplete network connectivity, etc. then MPEG 4 file may get corrupted
  • Sudden termination of system when MPEG 4 video file is playing in media player can damage that video file
  • Playing MPEG 4 files on unsupported media player can sometimes induce damage to MPEG 4 file

Whatever may be the cause for corruption it becomes very irritating for the user to repeatedly get error messages while playing their MPEG 4 file. In such cases it’s very important that you must fix MPEG 4 video format file issues immediately if you want to play it and don’t want to lose your favorite videos. To fix such MPEG 4 files you can use efficient software that has been designed to repair corrupt or damaged mp4 files.

Software to fix MPEG 4 files:

Yodot MOV Repair is outstanding tool to fix corrupted or damaged MPEG 4 files with .mp4 format on both Mac as well as on Windows OS. It automatically repairs separate video and audio data streams and adjoins them to create relevant playable video file. Addition to MPEG 4 file, you can fix recovered MP4 files, damaged MOV file, corrupt M4V file and so on. Furthermore, you can preview repaired video file before saving, this helps in evaluating the trial version before purchasing the software. This repair software is compatible with Windows operating system like Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server or Server 2008 and also supports Mac operating systems like Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8 and Mavericks 10.9

Steps to repair MPEG 4 files:

  • Download and install Yodot MOV Repair software to your computer
  • Launch the tool and stick to the instruction given on screen
  • Select the MPEG 4 file which have to be repaired
  • Click on 'Repair' button to initialize repair process
  • Monitor the scanning process by progress bar
  • Upon completion of repair process, the utility will display the video description of MPEG 4 file
  • Preview the fixed MPEG 4 file using 'Preview Repaired File' option
  • At last save your repaired MPEG 4 files utilizing 'Save Repaired File' button

Useful Tips:

  • Install good download manager to download MPEG 4 files
  • Use reliable anti-virus software to safeguard your MPEG 4 file from virus
  • Never record any video files from your electronic gadgets like camera, phone, etc when battery is nil