Repair When MP4 Video Not Playing In MX Player

“MX player is the default media player in my Windows computer and I am happy with its features. It smoothly plays videos of any format without any issues. But today morning when I tried to play MP4 file in MX player, it showed a message that MP4 file is not valid. When I asked about this to my friend, he said that MP4 file is corrupted. Is there any procedure that I should follow to make MP4 file play on MX Player?”.

MX player is the media player introduced for Windows computers. It can play any video file formats irrespective of their size. It gives you an option to add favorite videos and play them periodically without the need of choosing them by visiting the location. Along with this, if you are playing MP4 file which has the language that you don’t understand, you can just click on “subtitles” and search subtitles of the particular video online and add to MX player. However, MX player sometimes fails to play MP4 file and it shows such behavior when MP4 file is corrupted.

Most important reasons for MP4 file corruption:

  • Improper Exit:Choosing the option “Exit” from “File” menu on MX player is the best way to protect your MP4 file from any issues. If you do not use this option then there may be the possibility of MP4 file corruption
  • Virus Attacks: In case you download any virus infected MP4 file from a website then MX player will not play the MP4 file and display a message that the file cannot be played
  • Power Failure: Sometimes your system might shutdown due to power outage at the time you are watching MP4 video on MX player. This may damage MP4 file and you cannot play it next time when you switch on your computer
  • System Hang: If there is any problem with the software that you have installed in your computer then your system may frequently hang. In case your system hangs while you are watching MP4 file in MX player then it could get corrupted

MP4 file repair tool:

If you search over internet, you will find many tools which promise to repair unplayable MP4 video.Yodot MOV Repair is also one among them that has perfectly fixes MP4 video which does not play in MX player. The application scans MP4 file and takes information from it to fix in a healthy way. Using this software, you can not only repair MP4 file that fails to play in MX but also can fix MP4 file not playing in VLC media player, Windows Media Player, GOM player, QuickTime player, Windows Media Center and so on. Moreover, if you are thinking on how to play corrupt MOV files on Windows 10, and earlier versions of Windows OS, you can easily rely on this software, as it fixes corrupt MOV and MP4 video files on all versions of Windows OS. Since this software is completely tested, you need not bother about is quality as it will not harm your MP4 file or other files stored in your Windows computer.Many users has utilized this software to fix MOV, MP4 and M4V video files and specified positive feedback about it. As it shows preview of repaired MP4 files in demo version, you need not spend your money without checking it. Once you preview MP4 file and find it in a healthy state, you can go further and save on a desired location.

Directions to fix MP4 file which is not playing in MX Player:

  • Download Yodot Video Repair software and install it on your Windows computer
  • As soon as you run the software you will be asked to select corrupt as well as healthy MP4 file for reference
  • After choosing healthy as well as corrupted MP4 file click on “Repair” option to begin the scanning
  • When scanning process gets completed, you will find a window with message about successful repair of MP4 file
  • Preview repaired MP4 video and finally save it on a safe location

Points to Consider:

  • Never play MP4 file on MX player when your system is turning off repeatedly
  • Relying on powerful antivirus software is the best way to get rid of harmful viruses

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