How to Export or Convert iMovie to MP4?

iMovie is Apple’s video editing application for Mac and iOS devices, which comes with a lot of impressive features that will allow you to enhance and modify video color settings, cropping video clips, etc. iMovie is also capable of changing the speed of the video clips, repairing video clips, editing the audio of a project, etc.

Apple iMovie

Why export iMovie to MP4?

 MP4 is a highly recognized video standard that is majorly preferred by users all over the world. This video format is highly suitable for video streaming over the internet which has become the main platform for accessing or streaming videos. As MP4 is more internet-friendly when compared to other popular video formats like MOV, AVI, FLV, etc. the conversion becomes inevitable.

MP4 videos are highly compressed using different procedures with less loss of quality and it is supported by media players like VLC, Apple’s QuickTime player, Microsoft’s Windows media player, and many more

Can I convert iMovie to MP4?

Fortunately, if you are a Mac or an iOS user, you might not be aware of the fact that iMovie can be used to export .mov to .mp4. So this write-up will help you understand how to convert iMovie to MP4.

How to export iMovie to MP4?

Follow the steps given to Export iMovie to MP4 easily:

1. Open iMovie and Select File in the Toolbar to export iMovie to MP4

2. Select a movie, trailer, or clip of your wish, which you want to convert iMovie to MP4.

3. Click Share option available in the Toolbar, and then click File option.

Export iMovie

4. Then a dialog box will appear, in which you can change Title, Description, Tags, Format, Resolution, Quality, and Compress.

Export iMovie

(Note: To export iMovie to MP4, select Low or Medium or High in Quality option given in the Dialog box. Learn why in the following sections.)

  • Low Quality is preferred for uploading a video on YouTube
  • Medium Quality is preferred when you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your video created
  • High Quality is preferred to create a movie

Make the required changes and click Next.

5. Change the name or leave the default name of (movie or trailer or clip) in the Save As File option.

6. Select the location of your choice and then click Save.

You can see a progress indicator on the right side of the Toolbar, which disappears after the process gets completed.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to convert MOV to MP4 successfully. However, the conversion process involves changing the file structure and then rearranging the video content, there can be chances that might lead to video corruption. This corruption might not be restricted to the source .mov file, it can also happen with the converted .mp4 file.

For instance, if you are converting .mov file project to .mp4 video format, there are certain chances that either of your files may get corrupt due to the sudden interruptions during the MP4 conversion like power failure, computer restart, computer shut down, etc.

In such cases, download Yodot MOV Repair tool (For Mac and Windows O.S.), to repair corrupted MOV and MP4 video projects in a few steps.

Built as a composite tool that can repair both MOV and MP4 files, Yodot MOV repair software can be the most effective tool for converted videos. It carefully analyzes the video file by separating the audio and video streams, perform repair and adjoins them to give you a faultless video.

Download the Video Repair Tool now to repair videos shot on any device like mobile phones, digital cameras, HD cameras, etc.

Convert MOV to MP4 using QuickTime

QuickTime player is owned and developed by Apple Inc., which supports various video formats, image formats, audio formats, etc. The Quick Time media player is known for its diversified functions. But unfortunately, you cannot export .mov to MP4 using Quick Time Player. Instead, you need to use QuickTime Pro which is a paid version of QuickTime player to convert MOV to MP4.

Steps to convert MOV to MP4 Mac using QuickTime Pro:

1. Select File option in the Toolbar.

2. Select Open File to browse and choose MOV files present to convert MOV to MP4 on your Mac.

3. Once you add the .mov files successfully, the option of Export from the drop-down menu will be activated. Select it to move on to the next screen.

Convert MOV to MP4 using QuickTime

4. You will see Export panel will display a list of options, select Movie to MPEG-4 option from the list.

5. Click Save to allow QuickTime Pro to export files to MP4.


This article has answered how to convert .mov videos to .mp4 videos using iMovie and QuickTime Pro. But as you know that MOV files or MP4 files might get corrupted for certain reasons, use Yodot MOV Repair Tool for safe and secure iMovie exporting.