How to Recover Partition That is Deleted in Disk Management?

Have you ever accidentally deleted partition from the hard drive while using Disk Management tool and lost entire data stored in that partition? If yes, then you must read this editorial.

Along with giving significant information about the partitions present in your system hard drive, Disk Management also permit you to do actions like partition renaming, resizing, deleting, repartitioning, formatting and much more.

However, in some unfortunate events, while using Disk Management, you may mistakenly delete partitions from HDD. Wherein some rare cases, logical errors generated while working with Disk Management utility results in deletion of partitions containing your important data.

But, it is not necessary to be worried about the deleted partition from Disk Management since Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is at your help. Yes, now deleted partition recovery is no more a difficult job. You can easily rescue partition data, that got deleted from Disk Management. Create a new partition and put back the restored data in the new partition.

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery Tool to Recover Deleted Partition from Disk Management:

Install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on a Windows computer. Connect the drive from which you have deleted the partition via Disk management (if the main partition is deleted). Else, directly install the tool on the system, where your partition is erased. In addition, this software can also be used to recover data from failed RAID 1, RAID5, and RAID 10 hard drives.

Steps to recover deleted partition from disk management:

Now, create a new partition using below steps:

After creating the new partition, copy your recovered files and folders to it.

Know More About Partition Recovery Software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software is the prominent tool used to recover the partition deleted using disk management tool under various situations on Windows system. This program is designed with advanced built in search algorithms, which helps to find and restore deleted as well as the missing partition from internal hard disk. You can also recover data after repartitioning hard drive in an improper way, formatting/reformatting partitions mistakenly, Master Boot Record corruption, partition corruption and other critical issues on Windows system. The software supports restoration of data from partitions formatted with FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems. Using this utility, you can also recover deleted or missing data from external storage devices like portable hard drives, SDD drives, Fire wire drives, flash drives, memory cards and more. Moreover, the application works flawlessly on all editions of Windows computer.

Keys Points:

  • Backup your important files and folders on external storage devices to overcome unforeseen data loss situations while using Disk Management tool
  • Try to know completely about Disk Management utility before working with it
  • Don’t make unnecessary mouse clicks while using Disk Management tool

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